yeah i got a pentium: a lot of pentium up stress
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Defrag your brain and pipeline the instruction set of your soul with Personal Computer, the most recent heavy-as-balls chiptune metal album from the always-excellent (and MeFi's Own) Master Boot Record.

Of which, previously and in turn previouslier.
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This is awesome.

Chiptune metal has come a long way since the days of metallica mod files.
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This is really good.
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Is it in the right ballpark to call this baroque music?

I've played his albums so often as bicycle ride soundtracks. You certainly get where you're going.
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If you enjoy this, be sure to check out their other project KEYGEN CHURCH. It's very similar but incorporates (presumably synthesized) pipe organ. (It also reminds me a lot of the soundtrack for Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus, a soundtrack that absolutely nails the very niche setting of the game and one of my favorite soundtracks.)
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Oh, so nice. I love MBR. I think I have all their albums off Bandcamp. This one is fantastic.
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Ok, I've listened to a lot more of it. I think we finally have an answer to the question so many of us have been asking: what if Yngwie Malmsteen became both a Commodore 64 and also - and this is more of a stretch - a musician?
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listening now. What do the track titles mean?
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What do the track titles mean?

Those were model numbers of Intel CPUs back in the day, and p.s. you're on my lawn.
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I program my home computer

Beam myself into the future
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Gates and Jobs were born in '55 so they were perfectly placed to pioneer the consumerization of PCs . . . for me, the PC wave hit in the late 70s, when I was in junior high, so I feel we matured together : )

in the 1980s we saw the 286 & 386 / 68000 ~ 68030, 1990s saw the 486, Pentiums / 68040 & PowerPCs . . . then it's been all downhill since . . . this M1 MacBook Air I'm typing this on is not qualitatively different from the ├╝ber-cool Powerbook 540c/550c I was drooling over back in '94

even software-wise Windows 2k & System 8.6 were the apotheosis of the PC operating systems, everything's been a cascade of crap since . . . the day Byte died in 1998 . . . we've been running on fumes since . . .
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I was just wondering when the new album would be out . . . Yay!!!
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