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Seth Meyers and Bill Hader sit down in front of cameras to talk about their careers [30m], and each other's careers, and to reminisce about working together at SNL. It's a charming conversation between friends, and I thought I might share it here.
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I’m looking forward to watching this. Because of the writers’ guild strike and summer I’m desperately lacking SNL, Seth, John Oliver, Kimmel and any opportunity to see Bill Hader.
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After finish Barry recently, I watched a few Bill Hader interviews on YT. Inevitably the algorithm started recommending endless Bill Hader interviews. Normally that kind of "Oh, did you like this one thing? How about another thousand videos about that thing?" would drive me nuts, but Hader is so damn fun to listen to. He can go from a goofy/spot on impression to super serious about film and craft, and I just love how he laughs hysterically any time someone else says something funny. He seems like a real mensch and I look forward to whatever his next project is.
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If anyone else is missing late night content or SNL early -00s retrospectives, the 92nd St Y did a conversation between Fred Armisen and John Mulaney a week or two ago, mostly on Mulaney's recent stand-up special but touching on the SNL days as well. Armisen and Mulaney are joined by Alex Timbers, director of Mulaney's stand-up special, and David Byrne, who contributed music.
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Yeah, Seth was pretty vocal about the strike before it went down, and I knew I would miss Late Night and Corrections pretty badly. Luckily there's been nothing much happening in the world for him to take A Closer Look at.
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gwint is right, Youtube is a gold mine of hilarious Hader content. Here's a great one between Mulaney and Hader.
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I too have fallen down into the Bill Hader YT rabbit hole, simply because, yeah he seems like an honest geek who leans into his geekiness and maintains a humility that few other celebrities have.

Case in point, Hader apparently used to memorize episodes of Dateline, and in this short clip, he finally meets his idol, the narrator Keith Morrison, and he's fanboying out like a 13 year old meeting Taylor Swift.
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Here's the "A Song for Daddy" skit that died at dress that Bill talks about. It's utterly bizarre and of course it died and it cracked me up.
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I recently discovered The Skeleton Twins and almost died laughing.
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And crying.
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Stefan's farewell, with a wedding, holds up!
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The Ringer Prestige Podcast has Bill Hader on the end of Barry. There are podcast episodes for nearly every episode of the last two seasons if not more. They are real, real good.
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I recently discovered The Skeleton Twins and almost died laughing.

They say we're crazy
What do they know...
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