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Thank God for Worker Bees is a song by Seattle-area mathcore band Botch.

Botch wasn't around for very long, releasing just two full-length albums (1998's American Nervoso and 1999's We Are the Romans) before breaking up, but they burned bright. They were just "four guys from the suburbs with virtually nothing in common-except a love of Helmet and the (eventual) ability to play the living shit out of their instruments" but their influence on the nascent genre of metalcore (or as they called it, "evil math rock") was profound.

Wait a minute, holy shit, did you hear the news? The best boy band ever is back!
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I remember when their "John Birch Conspiracy Theory" 7" came out and their version of "O Fortuna" was all the rage amongst my circle of friends.
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I haven't RTFA but I 100% read that as "Seattle-area manticore band" and got real excited for a sec.
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I can't decide which I like more- the mid-riff downtuning bit at the end of Hutton's Great Heat Engine, the colossal buildup and breakdown at the end of Frequency Ass Bandit, or *the* snare and hi-hat groove in Japam. Or maybe just Rock Lobster.
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John Woo is an absolutely insane song. Just fucks shit up right out of the gate and doesn’t stop. Judging from the footage of their recent shows, they still got it. I’m seeing them in Philly and can’t wait.
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