Honey, Honey, How You Thrill Me
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Thanks to it's long storage life and medicinal properties, honey has long been a staple "luxury" for humanity featuring in countless recipes across the globe. Again, as with all things culinary, this is woefully incomplete, short sighted and missing a bunch of other uses for the wonder product!

With all the concerns about "Real Honey", you can always find your own gold via the Honey Locator

If exploring's your jam, the world of honey is one of endless variety, but maybe skip the Mad Honey

If you're feeling more buzzy, make your own version the world's oldest beverage - mead or take the Ethiopian approach with T'ej

Don't worry about crystals in your honey - it's an easy fix with a bit of heat! Sometimes you want them there on purpose!


If your waggle dance is less bee and more vegan - make your own vegan honey

(Meanwhile, I have no idea how these people got their bees wedged into their website, or why.)
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One of the (several) things I saw in the gift shop at the ABBA Museum in Stockholm that I regret not buying is the Honey Honey honey.
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Okay, is anybody going to let me in on the bee thing and why this is the 11th bee-related post today?
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I meant it when I said I have no idea. I was going to do something else food related and pivoted to honey because of this goofery. (Also, for more bee related material - go check fanfare where DOT has been on a bee line for content)
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/eating a bunch of raw honeycomb, mmm
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I ate a ton of honey this week because I went camping without a way to cool food, and honey is shelf-stable. The idea of "honey sandwiches" was new to my partner, but he agreed that they hit the spot.
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Okay, is anybody going to let me in on the bee thing and why this is the 11th bee-related post today?

beecause, duuuuuuuh!
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Not a good answer, lalochezia.
You should have just stayed with becauzzzzz.
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That vegan honey recipe (with apples as the main ingredient) reminds me of the time I cobbled together an energy drink for a bike ride one time. I used water, honey and some "artisan honey vinegar" my brother got me for Christmas, plus a bit of salt. The combination tasted almost exactly like apple juice. It caught me completely off guard! Apparently the apples → honey correspondence goes both ways.
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Mod note: btw, this has been added to the sidebar and Best Of blog
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