Selected A Capella Works 85-92
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I love electronica (lol) but my heart will always be with hardcore.
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Through some peculiarity of its algorithm, Spotify presents Xtal to me every couple of days, which has left me feeling more familiar with it than the tracks I used to listen to on repeat years ago. So listening to this is like, on the one hand, oh no not again, and on the other is this a joke, and on the other well this is very faithful to the original, and on the other okay I have to admit liking this, and on the other now I would like to hear this person do Digeridoo or Ventolin.
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I was wondering if it was the same guy who did this: but apparently not.

This is really well done, thanks for sharing.
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I prefer Hockets for Two Voices myself
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There's some great covers of Alberto Balsalm out there:
partially found object
steel drum
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Those kids are alright, juv3nal. Good finds.
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