Baby Animal Break
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One minute and ten seconds of relief from your obsessive doomscrolling (on this site and elsewhere). [YT, CW: Baby Chipmunks] (Quiet, natural sounds only.)

Or perhaps one of these:
Studies show that watching a beaver eat cabbage lowers stress by 17%

Mr Belgrave’s Banana

Good Morning, Potato Fairy!

Linking your own favorite(s) with a similar vibe highly recommended. For science.
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That mama chipmunk’s attentive concern for her babies is very touching.

Love when the baby charges the camera.
posted by Well I never at 9:37 AM on November 18 [2 favorites]

I can saw that after decades of up-close-and-person chipmunk and squirrel watching, I've never seen a mother chipmunk or squirrel bring her babies around, or even interact with them out in the open or in the view of a watcher. And this includes squirrels and chipmunks that, otherwise are very, very, very comfortable around me and other people. It's actually one of my disappointments in my interaction with these animals. There is one squirrel in particular whose babies I really wanted to meet, and who, I would have thought, would have introduced her offspring to us, but she didn't.
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That is one heckin blooper of a potato fairy!!
posted by supermedusa at 9:46 AM on November 18 [3 favorites]

Is metafilter the algo now? How did you guys know I was looking at Chipmunks (of a different sort)... punk alvin brainstormed sketches. from 80s

Yay baby animals of all kinds moar!
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I went into the beaver video thinking someone would hand him a head of cabbage and he would shred it into a big pile of slaw, because my entire beaver knowledge is based on cartoons apparently. Reality turns out to be far more soothing.
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We had a Cardinal nest at our back door trellis. One chick was alive for a while, and then an owl swooped in and took it away. I was sad, but I love owls, too. We don’t see chipmunks around for long due to the said apex predator.
posted by waving at 12:54 PM on November 18

A fat little possum going to town on an apple somebody left for him on the porch. (Please don't make some nasty joke about how he's hideous or he needs to be killed or whatever. He's just a little fuzzy fellow enjoying an apple his human friend put out for him, and he ain't bothering nobody.)
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Im sitting here right now monching in an apple. Possums are awesome and adorable!
posted by supermedusa at 1:33 PM on November 18 [2 favorites]

One of my favorites is also a burritoed bat, but this one's getting watermelon.
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My cat enjoyed the chipmunk video...
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The possum video is from a YouTube channel that calls itself “Possum Trough ASMR”?!!

(*The trough being the double pet food dish with water and various foodstuffs for the possums in it, that whoever runs the channel seems to have set out in their back porch at night, for feeding and filming the possums. And they seem to be sincere about the ASMR intent, not ironic or sarcastic from the little bit of poking I did? The existence of this is both boggling and delighting me.)
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I love how that possum crunches the apple, which releases tasty juice, which it then licks up. Then more satisfying crunching. Happy possum. Nice crispy apple.
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That frog is so plorpy
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Froggo is basically a blorp with feets
posted by supermedusa at 4:15 PM on November 18 [2 favorites]

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