The art of controlling patterns in time and space
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We’ve all seen the classic cartoon juggling farce; the character wiggles their arms up and down while the balls fly in a circular pattern in front of their face, yadda yadda yadda. Most jugglers you ask will groan every time they see this. [...] Now what’s really special about juggling when compared to other inaccurately animated activities is that animation as a medium enables artists to create really creative and unique depictions of juggling that would otherwise be impossible in real life. A poorly animated drum set will still sound like a drum set, and a poorly animated piano will still sound like a piano, but quote-unquote “poorly” animated juggling can lead to some really beautiful patterns that have no real life analogue. [...] As I started diving deeper and deeper into this world of animated juggling I became amazed at the huge variety of ways in which juggling can be visually conveyed and obsessed with finding every single example that I possibly could. [...] I have learned a lot from this project, and in this video I wanted to share some of my findings as well as some notable examples that either really impressed me or even pushed my understanding of what counts as animation.
Juggling YouTuber Jasper Juggles asks (and exhaustively answers) "What's the deal with juggling in animation?" [transcript], featuring hundreds of mesmerizing examples from television, film, cartoons, video games, claymation, zoetropes, and many, many more. posted by Rhaomi (8 comments total) 31 users marked this as a favorite
This is great!
Also useful: Juggling Notation
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He's verging on "annoyingly narrow-mindedly pedantic", but charming nonetheless.
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[More Outside]
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He's verging on "annoyingly narrow-mindedly pedantic", but charming nonetheless.

I think that was his starting approach but then he came to appreciate creative non-accurate representations of juggling? Which IMO made his journey a success instead of a slog
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The pattern juggler lifts his hand
The orchestra begin
As slowly turns the grinding wheel
In the court of the crimson king
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As someone interested in both juggling and animation, I love this. It is also tempting me to put aside my current project (animated sword fighting) to play around with animating juggling.

He is 100% correct about Entry of the Gladiators, too.
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MetaFilter: verging on "annoyingly narrow-mindedly pedantic", but charming nonetheless.
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