Default fonts and quantum dingbats
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Elle Cordova is a poet, singer, comedian, filker, science geek and more. She recently published three hilarious brief skits where she embodies 20 fonts hanging out and gossiping. Compiled with open captions 4:12 at this single YouTube link. With her former Raina del Cid persona previously and previouserly
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I just sent the link to my husband and informed him I actually want to marry this video. Not the performer/creator - the video.
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It's a little reductive but sometimes you can get a read on how awesome somebody is based on who wants to work with them, and her collaborations with Toni Lindgren and Josh Turner are spectacular - that entire musical universe probably deserves a FPP of its own.
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She is so funny!
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I must admit I've watched this more than 30 times, and each viewing yields yet one more ridiculous detail. Evidently I'm with you, atomicstone.
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I feel as if Gill Sans is ripe for inclusion. Practically begging for it.
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Ooh, I'd only seen the first two clips, thanks for sharing!

Any other Montserrat fans around? I'd never used it before but now it's in my work style guide.

I think I'm one of the only people who's passionate about the style guide, but it brings me such joy! Being sent something in single-spaced Times New Roman and being able to make it so much more... welcoming is very satisfying to me.
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Elle's videos and songs are all ingenious and hilarious. I was thinking recently after watching one of her videos how admirable it is that she plays with so many different forms of making creative things.
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She did one with the planets in the solar system as well. Earth has no social skills, and Saturn has this awesome hippy aesthetic.
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My boss sent me a document in Aptos for the first time yesterday so that section was particularly funny to me.
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"Papy's gonna read me some poetry in a pita cafe."
I'm pretty sure this series is proof of genius.
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Mod note: We feel very justified in having a Helvetica good time putting this post on the sidebar and Best Of blog!
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She's awesome and I just realized she's Reina del Cid, who I also thought was awesome, and now I have to go get checked out for prosopagnosia.
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