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American-born Canadian comedy legend Joe Flaherty has died after a short illness. He was 82 years old. American audiences might know him best as Happy Gilmore’s heckler, or Big Bird’s co-kidnapper, or as Mr. Weir from “Freaks and Geeks.” Canadian viewers and comedy nerds will more likely recognize him from SCTV, or as Jennifer Tilly’s long-suffering dad in the cult classic The Wrong Guy.

It happened Monday night, but his family made the announcement Tuesday morning…perhaps to ward off any false alarms of April Fooling.

At the turn of the Millennium, Toronto’s Humber College launched its School of Comedy. Joe was on the faculty, and countless lucky alumni will remember him as a brilliant teacher.

I’m hono(u)red to be one of them, though my star never rose nearly as high.

Thanks, Joe.
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RIP Count Floyd.
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When I was in my teens my brother discovered this very funny show on Friday nights called SCTV. It was an amazingly hilarious and intelligent parody of Show Biz and because I read a lot of esoteric things and relentlessly watched old TV shows and movies I got a lot of the Show Biz references like The Rat Pack, old comedians, hapless talk show hosts, etc. Plus the Canadiana as well, which was always razor sharp.
Flaherty will always remembered to me for his work on SCTV, I think out of everything he did the show gave him the most room as far as his very obvious talents go.
RIP Joe, and thank you so much.

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This one hurt. RIP Joe.
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oh damn. that's a huge bummer. Thanks for all the laughs, Joe
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Oh I loved him on SCTV, which I watched faithfully as an ‘80s kid. Then later, he was so good as the dad on Freaks and Geeks. (I always think of this clip: “He died!”) Can’t believe he was only around 60 at that time—seems like just yesterday. He was a good one. RIP Joe.

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Flaherty as William F. Buckley still makes me smile. RIP.
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Goodnight, Guy Caballero. Goodnight, Tex Boil. Goodnight, Billy Sol Hurok. May the Lord bless you and blow you up real soon.

And say hey to John Candy for me, will ya?

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I feel like Joe was on TV for about 80% of my childhood, and never failed to make me laugh.

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Man, he was so good in Freaks and Geeks.
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SCTV had some of the smartest comedy out there. You never needed that wheelchair to earn my respect, Guy.
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"Blowed up REAL good!"

And his impressions were fantastic. Charlton Heston!
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I wasn't allowed to stay up that often to watch it on WNBC Channel 4, but when I did, I made sure to watch it. I'm sure I missed a lot of subtext that someone older would have gotten immediately, but SCTV was, for me, just way better than SNL.

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Mr. Weir: Nick’s father is a hard man. My old man was the same way.

Lindsay: Yeah, I know the feeling.

Mr. Weir, pointedly: Lindsay, trust me. You don’t.

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I thought Count Floyd was undead?!?
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Pretty scary stuff . . .
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ctrl/f "maniac mansion" = no hits.

This needs to be remedied.
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Aw, man.

As an aside, Freaks & Geeks still holds up.
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"The first time I saw Count Floyd, I almost strangled. I was drinking a cup of coffee, lying in bed watching television, and it was a complete surprise. Joe Flaherty nailed the essence of TV monster movie cheese without even using a real word from the English language -- Big Eyebrows, Joe -- real Big Eyebrows."
-- Frank Zappa

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Joe Flaherty made me laugh many times. I'm still grateful.
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R.I.P. It took me longer than it should've to figure out that in the SCTV universe, Floyd Robertson and Count Floyd were the same person...
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Damn. Joe Flaherty was hilarious. I will miss him.

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The video of a 1982 softball game between SCTV cast and crew in this previous FPP isn't available at the original link, but it's still available in some facebook posts found in a quick googling. You can first see Flaherty (as Joseph O'Flaherty in Moranis' narration) at about 1:35. If you can't see the facebook video, I searched "sctv softball game video;" there might be other non-facebook links around, but many seem to point to the nonworking youtube link.
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My favorite SCTV skit is this Steinbeck parody.
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The cast of SCTV were all fabulous, but Joe was always my absolute favourite. Martin Short referred to him as SCTV's anchor.
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The Canadian Cinemusical Universe was confirmed when Count Floyd introduced the Rush song "The Weapon." In 3-D! Scary!

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Thanks for posting that, box. He was hilarious but also put such a real and nuanced spin on Harold Weir.

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For some reason I pictured him turning up at his own funeral and heckling. "What a jackass!"
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My brother and I are rather far apart in age, and one of the ways we bonded growing up was watching SCTV. Our favorite was Monster Chiller Horror Theater, and we’d spend lots of time saying stuff like, “Whoa, really scary!! and “Dr. Tongue’s 3-D House of Pancakes!” to each other. That was largely thanks to Joe’s particular genius. Thanks Joe, and RIP.
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