Lofoten Photogalerie
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Lofoten Photogalerie - armchair travel through this breathtaking gallery of photos from Norwegian Islands located within the Arctic Circle. The region offers awesome vistas in every season. Links courtesy of Mefioso Kogiak who has an interesting story on his site about how he found this gem.
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...and apologies to kokogiak for spelling his name wrong in my post!
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Man, those suckers put Bryce to shame.

And why to steal the thunder from my journey around the world! :-P (j/k)
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Wow and wow! Thank you madamjujujive (and kokogiak.) Another fantastic post.
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That was amazing! Gorgeous photos.
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Paradise, Shangrila, Dreamland.... excellent links, madamjujujive.
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I'm pining for the fjords already.
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Thanks, madam!

A cousin of my wife recently traveled to Norway and, after seeing his photos and these, I think I should revise the order in my "places I wish to visit list".
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yes, this is now on my top four list of places to go before I die.
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Those pictures left me drooling. Thanks madamjujujive and kokogiak.
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Beautiful. But remember that it'll cost you $5 to get a half-litre glass of beer in a Norwegian pub...
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"Breathtaking" is the word for it; the clarity in these photographs is incredible. The first thing I thought after viewing the first two or three images was that I was reminded me of Alaska, and had a momentary impulse to comment thusly, then thought "no, it's probably just me; not a very interesting comment; etc." However, after reading kokogiak's entry, I'll just say, "yes!". Very, very appreciated sharing, madamjujujive and kokogiak; you've made my day!
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I wonder what you do in your spare time when you live here?
These people are serious--I just noticed the grey-scale calibration on their page to ensure your monitor is properly calibrated.
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Hey - you're all welcome, glad you find them beautiful too. I was really floored when I came across these too. And oissubke - I actually thought about emailing you about Lofoten, but didn't get around to it ;)

And to be fair, I should add (as I was told in my blog) that the correct spelling is indeed "Scandinavia", and not "Scandanavia".

Also, for those who read about my following of Norwegian webcams - remember it's Winter up North now, those webcams are dark about 2/3 of the time these days.
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When we went to Sweden a few years back to visit my relatives, we found a curious thing about most of it -- Came all this way to drive through Minnesota, was the remark, which may have been mine. We kept repeating it, though, so who knows. Lots of pine trees, lots of small, rocky hills, lots of small vacation cabins. The older towns, of course, had older architecture with that unique Scandinavian coloration, and the coastal areas brought to mind New England in many ways. We made our way to Oslo and Gothenberg, which were interesting in their own right, but a schedule dispute among the family prevented us from going north to Trondheim -- a regret today.

One of the things about the place, though, is that as much as it may resemble parts of North America, it's a lot farther north -- even in Stockholm you can see a notable dimming after 3pm, because the angle of the sun is so much lower. As a result for much of the day the city is bathed in this luminous light that's filtered through more of the atmosphere (I'm willing to entertain other theories), which tends to have the effect of boosting the saturation of what you see. It's something like wearing those blue-blockers sunglasses. There's a pale yellow they use on castles that's rich and lush in the afternoon light. A very subtle thing, and some may scoff, but it was an impression I'll never forget.
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