I have dreamed of Erebus.
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I have dreamed of Erebus. mcwetboy took you to the Arctic today. Now read one man's fascinating diary of his trip to Antarctica in 2001, as well as this year's coming journey to the bottom of the world. Lots of words here, and some cool pictures. Not to mention margaritas and guacamole.
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Very cool. Also, very creepy!
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Great link, thanks! I have also mused about going to Antarctica - there's just something cool about a land that's so damn barren and cold that no country has tried to take it over, other than the odd research station. That and "The Thing", of course.
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This is a great link, i clicked through on the margaritas and have followed him all the way up to december. good writing, lots of photos, highly recommended.

thanks wolfdaddy.

i also really want to go to antarctica now. heck, i even want to go to new zealand. (also: iceland, for anyone who's been watching and has decided to plan FISHFUCKER: THE WORLD TOUR)
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Great stuff. "My wife, worried I'll fall in with the wrong crowd in Antarctica"! I can't say I actually want to go there, but I love reading about it.
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"No matter what happens to me forever, this will always be true: The hands that tie my shoes have touched the stones embedded in the Seuss glacier."

I've been dreaming of Antarctica for years. Joe just makes me ache for the ice even more. Thank you, WolfDaddy.
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See also:
Antartica. Terra Australis Incognita
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i thought this was a nice account :D with some pictures!

It is white in fog, and thick drifting snow -- same white everywhere -- in the sky, on the ground, somewhere towards the empty horizon, in the mid of air. Sometimes the visibility is so low, that you can't see anything until you stand in front of it. Sastrugis, bumps, pits, snow sculptures ... everything has the same grayish white color and no shadow. You would see yourself sharply against a flat featureless background, as if you are floating in milk. There is a psychological difficulty to walk, to trust there is a solid ground at the place where your front foot is going to land. Actually often this trust is proved to be unfounded. Then you fall into the whiteness...
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One of my favorite books about it is Sara Wheeler's Terra Incognita, which is a combination of the history of the continent as well as an account of her personal experiences there.

Also, the IMAX film about Shackleton is excellent. Although I think I'm probably the only person who has seen it who was reduced to tears when all the men were rescued. One of the most amazing stories ever, that.

For whatever reason, the idea of Antarctica resonates very deeply within me. I say idea because I've never been there. And I really can't explain why because I freaking HATE the cold.
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I am currently getting physically qualified (PQ'd to those of us who have been to the ice before) to be a winter/over cook at South Pole. I have spent 8 months at Palmer (Antarctic Peninsula) but this will be my first trip to Pole. As long as I pass the physical and psych tests, I will be on my way January 7th.

I will never be able to convey how it feels to be on the ice. When asked, "what draws you back to Antarctica"? we all have the same answer: "I can't explain why".
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