Volunteer work over Christmas.
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Crisis. The homelessness charity Crisis is looking for a few volunteers for work in London over the Christmas/New Year period. There is a list of current vacancies here. This seems to be quite a good thing to do if you are free over the holiday period, and I wonder if any MeFi'ers have considered getting involved in something like this?
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Sounds interesting IF I lived in London. I'm still boring enough that I believe in things like civic duty, so I have a goodly history of volunteering on various projects. Things don't get better unless you help make them better...
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I was sort of thinking along the lines of different localities, rather than just London. I'm at a loose end myself on Christmas Day, and it occurred to me as something good to get involved in.
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there are soup kitchens everywhere that would welcome some help over the holidays...here's a link for NYC
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On Thanksgiving Day myself and several of my friends and family worked at a kitchen that fed 1500 people turkey and all the fixings to benefit Habitat for Humanity, the ones who build houses for families who can't afford them. People were asked to donate whatever they could and nobody was turned away for lack of money. We all had a blast and found it very rewarding. A great way to spend a holiday. We got to eat all we wanted, too. We've all said we're gonna do it again next year.
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I normally spend part of summer and christmas time helping out those less fortunate than me (eh, I don't celebrate christmas and new year doesn't really thrill me, so I have all the time in the world..) - this year I have evil exams in January though. Bah humbug.

Hope everyone who does go along and help has a rewarding time - especially those filling in those chirpodist/hairdressing posts (?).
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I've heard lots of people from various worthwhile charities say that they have to chase volunteers away at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but they're nowhere to be found come January and February.

Holiday cheer is nice, but poverty is a year-round condition.
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I worked for Crisis at Christmas for a couple of years while I was in London. It's busy and can be rather hectic, but mostly good fun. Without any more substantial skills, I was mostly just a helper - getting tea and meals, picking out clothes, showing people where stuff was. The main problem comes when it's time to shut down after Christmas - it's just as cold, London is just as inhospitable and the people are just as homeless. The shelter provides advice and help while they're there, so some end up with accommodation in the New Year, but most go back to the streets (though for some that is a matter of choice).
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