Lana Clarkson, Dead Actress.
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Lana Clarkson, gunned down in Phil Spector's home, was the star of B movies like Barbarian Queen and Barbarian Queen 2, and also made appearances on classic television shows such as the A-Team, Knight Rider, Three's Company and of course, The Love Boat.
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She also played "Alpha Beta" in Amazon Women on the Moon, according to her IMDB filmography.
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AICN ran an obit yesterday. She'll probably be an odd little footnote to the Phil Spector story in years to come, like Thelma Todd when Marx Bros. trivia comes up. There's something extra sad in there somewhere.
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AND she was Mrs. Vargas in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I believe she was the reason Mr. Vargas switched to Sanka.
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"switched to Sanka"

That's a metaphor for something, isn't it?
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Shit. According to her IMDB profile, Monday (the day she was murdered) was her birthday. Sad on so many levels.
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dude. odd.

i recognize this lady as the subject of an article i read in a tabloid recently (i ONLY read them in the bathroom -- 'crap for crap' is the way i justify it). I think the heading was something along the lines of: "Living Doll has record number of plastic surgeries", or somesuch bullhonky.

She only needed men to make her beautiful, sed she.
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And the man that allegedly shot her is out on the streets within 24 hours because he had a million dollars to post bail.
This is in spite of the fact that he has proven to be a threat to public safety in the past, and she was found dead on his doorstep.
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Gsalad, are you sure you're thinking of Lana Clarkson? I've seen numerous articles about this woman, Cindy Jackson, who had a ton of surgery aimed at making her look as much like Barbie as possible. Maybe you're thinking of her?
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Hey, anybody remember Dorothy Stratten? I tend to think we have this voyeuristic fascination with the starlet/victim. Or maybe only guys do. Hell, I don't know.

gsalad, good quote.
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I want Steely Dan to play on my memorial webpage too.
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LA Times article. . . .I feel for her. It's a hard life in a lot of ways.
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[random sidetrack]
No reproduction or useage of any images on this site allowed without express persmission from Lana Clarkson.

anyone want to go post some images and test the law?
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This all kind of passes me by, because I've no idea who he is or she was... And the descriptions I can find don't overly help my slightly drunk, overly tired mind...
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PinkStainlessTail, don't know if you've ever been to L.A. or if you have a morbid interest in things such as these, but the house/speakeasy where Thelma Todd died is still in existence on Pacific Coast Highway, on the way to Malibu. A friend of mine lives in the penthouse; after he rented the place, he discovered that the kitchen (which was originally the garage where she died, I believe) came with the original drinks menu from the Sidewalk Cafe, which features literally hundreds of mixed drinks that none of us had ever heard of (A Fizzy Pearl? Egg-and-Vodka Cocktail?).
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According to her IMDB profile, Monday (the day she was murdered) was her birthday.

It says April 5th. (?)
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Z-movie actress bites it at the hand of psycho old producer. Boo-fricketty-hoo. A pair of plastic udders and a sheepload of pankake makeup equals a tragedy.

Read your local papers, find something tragic. Why do you think she was there? Selling girlscout cookies? My bet is she was there to hork so flagpole in order to further her wasted, never-been career.
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People are overdoing the "Phil Spector kills loser" angle of this -- it's like she's becoming another Peg Entwhistle, the woman who jumped to her death off the Hollywood sign.

Lana Clarkson's "never-been" career was probably more successful than 99 percent of the aspiring actors who show up in Hollywood -- three dozen credits in film, TV, and commercials and lots of presumably paid gigs at geek conventions.
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Her site saysc she was in one of my favorite films, My Favorite Year. Does anyone know what small part she played?
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