The time travel art of Rosalind Brodsky, 1970 - 2058
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"At the Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality we have been committed to time travel based research since 2005." Sure, it's probably just a poker-faced art project by the electronic Writing Research ensemble, but isn't it nicer to think of it as the life's work of the late Rosalind Brodsky (1970-2058), artist, musician, and Martian real estate agent?
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Well, I'm against their retrieval of Hitler's DNA, because you know how messin' with Hitler and time travel can mess things up. But I like the ice cream plant.
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Rosalind Brodsky (1970-2058)

RIP, Rosalind. Uh, eventually.

I would so totally buy a Ukrainian apartment building for three thousand clams. And I think the Ukraine is soon going to actually switch to a clam-based economy a la B.C. *crosses fingers*
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But after all, the ice cream plant and Hitler are intimately connected!

Three propositions put forward:
2. For all of the Hitler clones to have their brains replaced with DH11 chips and dispatched to Mars to aid in the construction of the newest settlement. The extracted brains to be sold to the Genlino ice cream plant in Lewisham, South London.
Decisions pending meeting on December 2023.

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Rosalind Brodsky suffers from delusions, particularly in relation to fantasies of time travel. Born in 1970, Brodsky is now a twenty six year old artist/film-maker living and working in London. She has a part time job in the New Technologies and Multimedia department of a London art school.

In her more delusional moments Brodsky believes herself to be working in the 21st century as a researcher at the Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality. ...
Also, the vibrators are priceless.
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