Politician vs. DJ: Hilarity Ensues
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"Yes, I am looking for the Farm Bureau but I am not able to find it."
A disc jockey in Fresno, CA (where my own radio career ended 25 years ago: self-interest disclosure) who says "I don't vote. I don't care", pulls a stunt on an embattled state legislator with a Hustler sex doll (NSFW unless you work for Hustler) and it becomes a First Amendment Issue TM when officers of the California Highway Patrol order pictures of the stunt deleted from a digital camera.

Here's the radio station's spin on the story, complete with a glowing endorsement (but no direct link) for their photo recovery software.

The Legislator in question has not mentioned any of this on HIS website, but he is sponsoring an essay contest for 9th-12th-graders on the subject: "There Ought to Be a Law". (scroll down)

Blame Obscure Store for getting me started.
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Meanwhile, the disc jockey in question lost a Super Bowl bet with the morning show team and to pay-off, must undergo a live-broadcast colonoscopy.

Why is the Highway Patrol involved in this nonsense? Because, in 1994, it merged with (digested) the much smaller California State Police agency, one of whose jobs was to protect legislators' offices. The CHP is also deeply involved in the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting.
(The previous link is totally frivolous)

BTW, The quote for the first link came from the legislator's arrest record.

And yes, the radio station is owned by Clear Channel.
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Ooooh. This is a good one.

That DJ is a cruel fuck. But this one is obvious. You cannot unrecord history under Constitutional Law. One has a right to retain whatever it is he photographed. He did see it with his own eyes didn't he?

It used to be, before these new fangled photographic devices, when one saw something of note they ended up orally telling people about it (whether the created the situation or not). Then when the new fangled photographic device came along "out and out lies" (even though, I swear to all that is holy, it's not a lie) became something that could be erased or quickly exposed by handing over your film.
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disc jockey Rick Roddam sent an intern and an Internet photographer

ya gotta watch out for them internet photographers.
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"In the state our country is in right now, we believe they handled the situation well. There were people banging at the door and refusing to leave and they had an obscene item with them."

fits the terrorist profile exactly!
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Breann Sprenkle, a clerk at Unique Boo-Teek, where the doll was purchased, didn't find the prank funny or the response unreasonable.

"It's kinda rude. Being who he is, he has to worry about people getting any more of the wrong idea," said the 21-year-old, who lives in Clovis in Samuelian's district.

"If I had clout like that and someone did that to me, I would have sent out the CHP."

someone should revoke this ignorant bitches citizenship and deport her to north korea.
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speaking of interesting uses of the web
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oops. wrong thread. great site though.
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"If I had clout like that and someone did that to me, I would have sent out the CHP."

welcome to the beautiful central valley, where lowbrow humor and hair-trigger moral outrage are the leading drivers of social discourse.
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