Not Exactly Darwin's Radio: Philosophy Radio and Philosophy Lectures
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Philosophy Radio and Philosophy Lectures

Among many selections are Relativism and Scepticism, Ethics and Morality ,The Origins of Value, Heidegger's Being and Time, Memes, Zombies and Human Consciousness, The Soul In Our Time and a football match between Grecian and German philosophers. We call it soccer. There's more comedy featuring a pseudointellectual cult leader beloved by privileged prep school students and college freshmen everywhere and stavrosthewonderchicken has recommended The Philosophers Drinking Song. Miguel has his picks, too. I found this while researching my I Feel Therefore I Am post yesterday and mentioned it in a comment but, heck, it deserves its own post, no?
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Hallelujah and thank you, y2karl! If ever something deserved to be posted alone, it's this. I've been listening all weekend and, although it's chatty and introspective, as befits the radio, it's deep chatty and never teachery(?) or condescending. I actually have a few pages of notes.

Surfing around and listening is also very possible - almost like one of those magic fake cassettes you could play all night under your pillow and wake up knowing how to repair a colour TV. :)
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That's something I do most of the time, Miguel, while surfing or playing games or whatever, except mostly with comedy radio streams from shoutcast or archived shows from This American Life. This is gooder-er, in many ways.

To recap my comment from yesterday : ...[the] Philosophy Radio page is the best thing I've ever been shown through Metafilter. Nothing like playing Grand Theft Auto 3 while listening to George Lakoff talk about metaphor as the central mechanism of cognition. Post-modern, baby!

I will add these archived shows from NPR's The Connection, from which some of the philosophy programs at y2karl's link have been taken, which cover other philosophy topics, and much more besides.
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Nice. I'll definitely be exploring (although some of the media links are not, on first click, working right for me).

In the same vein: The U. of Chicago's Prof. Mike Green has a great Prisoner's Dilemma Tutorial, both entertaining to play through (despite its lo-fi design) and educational to boot. His weblog is aimed mostly at his students, but often also has interesting tidbits about applications of philosophical concepts to current hot topics in politics.
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Link to the MP3's of Dreyfus's Heidegger lectures is broken: look here. See also, Dieter Köhler's directory of Philosophy Pages.

The linked Angelfire pages have exceeded their bandwidth. Google cache.
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The linked Angelfire pages have exceeded their bandwidth.

Damn, I should have thought of this. Thanks for both links, Zurishaddai--especially for the Google cache. I'll remember this the next time I post an angelfire, geocities or tripod site.
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The linked Angelfire pages have exceeded their bandwidth. Let's pitch in and get the guy the a domain and host. [You first, I'm tapped.]
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Well, I wrote Matt and asked him to switch the first two links to the Google caches for both. That would help some, or so I hope.
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[I just found this while I was browsing to see what is new on MeFiWiKi. Ayone interested to make a contribution to a post, please email the author of the thread]

Mark Dilley recommends the Ideas archive at CBC Canada.
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And if you visit the Ideas archive (it's a shame they just started now and not archiving during Lister Sinclair's tenure), do not miss the buried link to the archived Massey Lectures.

Hear (all .ram files) Lewontin reading Biology as Ideology, Heilbroner reading Twenty-First Century Capitalism, Elshtain reading Democracy on Trial, Lessing reading Prisons We Choose to Live Inside ... and much more).
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you always have great posts, y2karl. if i only had more time...
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Along these same lines (although not web radio based), I like Philosophy in Hyperspace.

Excellent links. Many thanks to y2karl for another outstanding post.
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A bit late, but many thanks, y2karl - I've already sent these out to a bunch people.
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