Lesbian Park Rangers
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There's a new elite force protecting the wilderness in Canada; a duo whose love of the bush has become more than a vocation, it has become a calling. This is the story of some rangers who, unlike Mounties, aren't interested in getting their man. Meet the Lesbian Park Rangers.
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What do you call two lesbians in a canoe...

oh never mind.
posted by insomnyuk at 11:24 AM on June 18, 2003

What do you expect when you have a post title that sounds like a "South Park" spin-off?
Blame Canada. (see also previous post)
posted by wendell at 11:42 AM on June 18, 2003

What do you call two lesbians in a canoe...

I didn't know, so I googled it... apparently you call them fur traders.
posted by dirtylittlemonkey at 1:29 PM on June 18, 2003

That does it for me, you Canadians are on your own from here on out....
posted by Pressed Rat at 1:44 PM on June 18, 2003

"Love of the bush"? Sheesh.
posted by FormlessOne at 5:53 PM on June 18, 2003

Oh dear.. there's something so Pseud's corner about language like this:

"Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan comprise a two-person art collective that examines, confronts, and exposes the limited cognitive resources of homophobia.... their politically charged distortion of institutional authoritative identity places anyone participating in gender-political debate on a level playing field. "

Loads of buzzwords, then the lame cliche of a "level playing field" (which is a sporting metaphor and thus makes the differently abled feel oppressed).

KKK member #1: "I'm worried that my homophobia might be ill-thought out, Bub"
KKK member #2: "Hmm, so am I. Let's go and see an art collective that will examine, confront and expose our limited cognitive resources."
KKK member #1: "Yeah!"

Don't see it happening.
posted by Pericles at 1:51 AM on June 19, 2003

thanks dirtylittlemonkey, I've always wondered about that!
posted by insomnyuk at 7:48 AM on June 19, 2003

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