Soundtoys - cool interactive audio visual projects
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Soundtoys - cool things you can click on, prod, poke, play with, drag, chew on & diddle...a gallery of interactive audio-visual projects from a variety of web designers, musicians and programmers. Absolutely no uranium involved!
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nifty, though perhaps a little too obcscure. I mean, I could immediately start clicking around and doing stuff, but I couldn't figure out to what end on some of them.
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Hmm....weird... I was going to post this yesterday..... flash friday and all....
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Neat. Non-linearity is my friend. Thanks!

*returns to interacting with woink-woink noises*
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This is weird; just as with the earlier "and it tinkles" post, this is the first link I clicked this morning... and that's a good thing!. (By the way, the Sonic Sweetshop here has somewhat similar visual and sound dynamics to "it tinkles").

I love the "box of chocolates" aspect of the page, but it's also cool to browse by artist (from the top tab menu). I really like stanza, and if you follow him/her to amorphoscapes and click on the all-blue thumbnail (sorry, flash nav.), you'll get a nice, colorful-but-soothing zen treat.
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dinka-dinka-dinka CRASH!
waaaah *static* waaaah!!

Audiogame is also very impressive in case you haven't seen it

thanks madame
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