Sir Mix-A-Lot is a very smart cat
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Sir Mix-A-Lot is a very smart cat. An Onion link, I suppose - but their AV Club interviews are missed more often than they should be. In this one, Sir Mix-A-Lot shows that he is a very thoughtful man, who has been handling the lot of a 'one-hit-wonder' very well, thank you.
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Don't you wish your boyfriend swass like me?
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Did no one else listen to the "Squaredance Rap"/"Buttermilk Biscuits" tweak rhyming? He's been around forever and he's still being called a one hit wonder?

Mix r0x0rs.
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He played at my college in '86 or '87. Even though most of the students looked like a bunch of wacky, white hippies and were dancing like loons, he was completely into it and put on a great show.
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i'm always really impressed by the avclub interviewers. they manage to pull interesting dialogue from almost everyone they talk to. i don't know if this is because they pick their subjects carefully, they do their research or they just have a knack for asking the right questions... or maybe the interviewees take it more seriously because the avclub is big? or maybe all of the above.
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I have to agree on the Onion AV interviews. They ROCK!

Here's a sweet little Alan Moore int.
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Perhaps my best concert going moment to date was at a Subset show. Subset was a combination of Presidents of the United States of America and Sir Mix-A-Lot. The set itself was so-so, the encore, however, KILLED.

Imagine, if you will, The Roseland in rainy and oh so ethnically diverse Portland, Oregon. The place is 1/2 full with either Presidents fans or Mix fans with a few stragglers who have come to see the spectacle, almost all of whom are white.

The Presidents tear into Baby Got Back as soon as they hit the stage, and Mix starts rapping. All of a sudden this extremely hot girl hops up on stage past security and starts shaking her nice big butt for the boys. Chris Ballew and Mix are so in awe of this girl that they just sit down on the drum riser and let her show off her stuff for about 10 minutes while the baseline and drums continue (Chris playing his two string best he can). She gives them both kisses on the cheek, hops back off stage, they pick their jaws up off the floor, and continue the song right where they'd left off.
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Nice. I really do need to bookmark the AV club for weekly perusing.

Wasn't he going to do a cartoon series at some point in time? Google's not turning anything up. Someone convince me I'm not insane.
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Sorry, Ufez, you're in the wrong room for that.
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Quoteth Sir Mix:

"I didn't like when George W. Bush got on TV and said "Axis Of Evil." I knew that was going to create problems, that kind of arrogant shit. What I was trying to say with "National Anthem" was that before we go and brag and say "God Bless America"—I hate that term, because it insinuates that God blesses no place else but us—before we say that, let's get our own house in order. "

Sweet Jesus.

I already loved his music (I have Swass, Seminar, Mack Daddy, Chief Boot Knocka, AND Bumpasaurus, thank you) but I didn't realize how smart he is.

Mix iz in da 95% percentile, yo.
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Let's remember that being a one-hit-wonder means you've got one more hit than 99.9% of the people out there :-)
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I still listen to "My Posse's on Broadway"
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"You were one of the first popular entertainers to talk about asses in a sexual way, whereas that happens all the time now. Do you feel validated by the current focus on asses?"
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