Chief Moose, Scamologist?
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How many times have you alleged sexual or racial allegations for a settlement?
A recent Washington Post article, documents the somewhat troubled past of Charles Moose, the ex-chief of police in Montgomery County, Maryland (Remember the Sniper Manhunt).
$10,000 to his wife to settle a sexual harassment allegation, another undisclosed settlement of $10,000 to him and his wife for a separate incident, and the motherload, a $200,000 settlement from Marriott Corp. for a racial-bias allegation. Is this, in the norm? $10,000
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if I were to die from obesity, I'd prefer to do it by eating actual food...
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also, I would learn to post to the correct thread, sighhhhhhh.
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shut it, it was an accident - there is no edit feature and imefi snobs like yourself dorian are annoying. Like you've ever made a mistake in your life. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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Well, this thread has started auspiciously.
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What the fuck? Have, I, Alleged Allegations? Is this, in English? 2¢
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sigh whatever nic, you're right. Bad english through a haze to get it posted. Get a grip move on bla bla bla.
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dorian -> got it. thanks.
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omidius -- no worries, now we're both in the same club. which makes my face feel a little less red for some reason.
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Is this thread derailed?

I hope not, I really want to talk about celebrating obesity and stuff.
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*settles for $10,000*
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It's hard to say what's going on with the Mooses and their several court cases. They've certainly managed to sew up the cases so no one could get details. But it doesn't sound good. $200,000 for "distress" over one argument with a hotel employee? How could that be an appropriate settlement? Also, they seem to be very prolifically litigious.

But I don't think this is a matter for any public ethics commission. They aren't breaking the law, nor are these lawsuits connected to Moose's career (the morality of what they're doing is another issue altogether).
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Either the Mooses are abusing the system for profit and gain, or they are using the system as designed to fight back. The reaction of the Mariott board though seems telling, if we all knew the details of what happened.
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I think Marriot's decision was pretty simple:

1. People around the country know and trust Chief Moose
2. Chief Moose alleges racism and threatens to make a public scandal
3. Marriot wants Chief Moose to keep quiet

$200,000 is nothing compared to the revenue that could be lost by Marriot in HAWAII.
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And now you can flame me for being all SpellingFilter, but that particular mistake bugs me.
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"Beyond that," said company spokesman Tom Marder, "there isn't more that we can discuss."
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