Prague Spring
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The Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia. Posters, pamphlets, social protest material. 'In the morning hours of August 21, 1968, the Soviet army invaded Czechoslovakia along with troops from four other Warsaw Pact countries. The occupation was the beginning of the end for the Czechoslovak reform movement known as the Prague Spring. This web site contains material from the days immediately following the invasion, and they reflect the atmosphere in Czechoslovakia at the time: tense, chaotic, uncertain, full of pathos, fear, and expectation... '
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An account of the invasion of Czechoslovakia from the Russian point of view.

A tank commander wondering "What the HELL are we doing in Czechoslovakia?", witnessing the comic incompetence of the Russian Army violently invading a friendly country, as odd an event were the US to invade Canada.
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plep, this is excellent.
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Another dose of daily history lessons. I swear Metafilter is my last, best chance to get smarter. Thanks for the link plep.
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This is what became the basis for Fantastic Planet, though I'm not sure how exactly. Giant Traags and tiny Oms are the Russkis and the Czechs? Anyone seen this and can explain mo' better? Still an awesome, out-there movie.
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A small, personal side note: Czech gymnast Vera Caslavska, winner of seven Olympic gold medals and the pride of her country, signed the Two Thousand Words petition against the Soviet invasion in 1968. Then she bowed her head in silent protest as the Soviet national anthem was played at the Olympics. When she returned to Czechoslovakia, she was not allowed to compete, coach, appear in public, or leave the country. A sad ending to her career, but a testament to her courage, and the courage of other individuals who supported the Prague Spring.

Caslavska was awarded the Czech Republic's Medal of Merit in 1995.
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