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CocoWeb (trans) is a project which has assembled 516 manifestations of the Bogeyman in Latin America. The list includes the well-known Coco or Cucuy, a dark figure who makes an appearance in the art world as the subject of one of Goya's Caprichos. Any Hispanic child can tell you about La Llorona, a grieving woman who walks in the night (familiar enough to be used in a controversial got milk? ad). In South America they can tell you about the Sack-Man, on of the original bogeymen, who walks in the darkness, looking for children to throw into his sack.
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The translation has it as "the man of stock-market". You gotta love Babelfish.
posted by SealWyf at 12:50 PM on October 31, 2003

Holy great pumpkin, Charlie Brown! My folks used to scare us with the Cucuy. Damn, I didn't know it was a widespread cultural figure.
posted by lychee at 2:42 PM on October 31, 2003

The Sack-Man - o homem do saco used to frighten us senseless in Portugal. Specially as we often saw sinister-looking men (harmless peasants, no doubt) carrying big sacks on their shoulders. I wonder if this is yet another dubioud Portuguese export?
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dubioud: something of doubtful value, but attractively rendered in a Sinatra-like "dooby dooby doo" way.
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