Ocean tank & shark video cam
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Ocean Tank and Shark Video Cam - take a aquatic break to explore the New England Aquarium's 200,000-gallon ocean tank, viewable from user-controlled cameras. The exhibit has more than 50 species of sea creatures from eels, sharks and barracuda, to turtles, stingrays and angelfish. You might catch a diver in the tank at feeding times. Viewable 9 am to 5 pm, EST.
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You might catch a diver in the tank at feeding times

That's a little gruesome.
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Also try the Monterey Bay Aquarium!
Several cams there - watch the penguins or the sea otters, shark feeding is in the outer bay (also sea turtles and rays in there), and in the kelp cam you can see the huge kelp tank - divers clean it weekly. Feeding times are listed on each cam page.
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this is great!
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This is awesome! I spent literally days at the aquarium when I was kid, absolutely fascinated by that tank. Even as an adult, while it's general stature has shrunk to meet reality, it's still an impressive sight. Thanks for finding this, madam!
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For those without their sea legs, there's always the AfriCam.
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Images aren't showing up for me on Opera 7. :(

Diver in a giant aquarium tank like that has always been my dream job: I get to scuba -- which is always fun -- and do it in front of hundreds of people, which gives me a massive ego rush.
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[this is entertaining]
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This rocks. I love going to the aquarium and I can sit in front of the tanks and watch all day.
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Neato, lots of feesh. I'm giving another plug to OrcaLive up in British Columbia. (previously posted here.) They're going to be shutting down the webcams for winter before too long, but it's a great place. It consists of several cameras and hydrophones that are manned. Plus the scientists involved make comments on activity and you can sign up to get notices when the whales are on camera or calling.
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Wow. I oversaw the installation of the those cameras 4 years ago, and just didn't think it would ever be so newsworthy as to be a fpp on metafilter.

As a technical point, those cameras have their own dedicated internet connection that directly patches into the local fiber loop in downtown boston, so the frame rate is pretty high. It's a better connection than the rest of the institution has for all of its internet needs - at least it was at the time. And, even better, it was graciously donated.
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viewable from steerable cameras controlled by viewers outside Discovery.com.

For god's sake, somebody go over there and turn them so the fish are in the center....
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