Now that's what I call a screensaver
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Kuroshio Sea HD Video of the world's second largest aquarium tank at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan (via).

The world's largest tank would appear to be the Ocean Voyager tank (built by Home Depot no less) at the Georgia Aquarium. This tank also contains Whale Sharks, but in their Cold Water tank they have Beluga Whales.
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It's really quite hypnotic.
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I don't know where the claim to being the second largest tank comes from. The tank at Epcot is 3 times the size (5.7 million gallons compared to 1.9 million). The Georgia Aquarium tank is 6.3 million gallons.
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Oh! So excellent!
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thanks for posting i just was watching some show about this. i think they were the first to feature the whale shark in captivity.
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I don't know where the claim to being the second largest tank comes from.

"the world's second largest acrylic glass panel"
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That is incredibly hypnotic. I've always thought a great cable channel would be nothing but long, unedited clips of public aquariums from around the world.
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Am I the only person that is sort of expecting the silhouetted people at the bottom to start making MST3K type comments?
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Apologies, I just blindly copied the 2nd largest tank quote without actually checking...
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Ahhhhh. That's really, really nice to watch.
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Man, that was soothing to watch. I wonder if they charge you by the hour to just sit there...
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Everything about the Kuroshio Sea video is excellent, including the music.

But the Beluga Whale video features "Fly Away" and "Hotel California." What?
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Looks delicious!
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Cool, all it needs are factory ships & long lines.
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This is really cool. I like the way they added the divers for scale ...
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Just lovely, such a relaxing thing to watch.
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How do they stop all these creatures from eating each other - carefully selecting species that are 'compatible'? And what kind of frenzy must happen at feeding time?
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I didn't think that Fly Away could be any worse than Lenny Kravitz. Then it's done with bluegrassy instrumentation. Wow.
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How can this be MetaFilter without an, "OMG! Octopus!" sighting? Are they even in the tank?
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some big ol remoras on those whale sharks.
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Awesome way to showcase this.

I can only hope more of these sorts of videos are forthcoming, for example, maybe one featuring the beauty of everyday tourists at the Corn Palace or the World's Largest Twine Ball set to relaxing music. Or, you know, more aquariums.
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Cool I can take great pleasure in saying I lived in Okinawa for 3 years and visited this place a good 5 times. And was always a winner when I took visiting relatives or friends.
You can spend hours watching the tank and those huge whale sharks swimming around.
Thanks for the awesome reminder of a really cool place
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