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Leisuretown has disappeared. Except for the about, contact, navigation, and most important, the donation page, there are no Christmas suicide balloons or Winter solstice parties. I just found out via this Comics Journal thread and I wonder if there any other favorite web cartoons of mine that are about to bite the dust.
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I found out about this a couple months ago when people started screaming in horror about it in Rand's weblog comments over at People up on their Leisuretown/Jerkcity trivia will remember that Tristan plays the part of Spigot on Jerkcity. A pity, because his work on Leisuretown is about 20x funnier than his best on Jerkcity - in fact I can't recall a webpage in over a decade of websurfing that I've enjoyed as much as LT. Tristan's admission that he was soon to be reduced to waiterdom in a couple of interviews (pigdog's, for one) suggests a reason for Leisuretown going down, and I wish I'd known it was that urgent, if so - I would have donated something.
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Oh crap.






The Comics Journal thread is here .

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Yeah, I was pretty bummed about this when I noticed its disappearance (six weeks ago.) If anybody has an underground archive floating around, let me know...
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Like I tried to badly say in the FPP, the donations page is still up.
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I donated $50 a couple of years ago. I figured I'd gotten at least that much enjoyment out of QA Confidential alone. I love his response:

I promise it won't go to waste!!!@#(%* (bong noises)
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Leisuretown was great--maybe he sold it all to a publisher or something?
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Most importantly, did someone stash a mirror of it that can be posthumously redistributed in violation of its creator's copyright?
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Crap. I was in the process of recommending Leisuretown to a Jerkcity-loving friend the other day when I found this out myself.

I'd probably pay $5 for access to an archive of this stuff. And not even any of that less-good stuff he put up in recent years, just the original, fabulously long comics.
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Leisuretown was the best webcomic ever made, at least so far in the internet's short life. I hope it will return in some form.
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Unlike with my other copyright-violating projects, I'm hesitant to redistribute the stash I have (pretty much everything except the most recent updates--christmastime suicide balloon, winter solstice party, rhapsody in yellow) because the author is presumably still alive and actively against the idea, at least enough to have it blocked at I'll send him another donation and ask what's up.
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DOOD hook it up
posted by Keyser Soze at 9:31 PM on November 22, 2003

please! Screw the author, its the publics now.
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We want our Leisuretown! Bring it on! Isn't he somehow affiliated with Jerk City?
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