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Cartoons act like cocaine. *snort* (via PVP)
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Google for "why people laugh" and you get @800.
Google for "why people cry" and you get @400.

Google for funny and you get twenty million.
Google for sad and you get ten million.

Funny, huh? ("Not ha-ha" Googles in at 3,780, indicating a deficiency of our English language almost as egregious as having to explain in detail what you mean when you say food is "hot.")

Seriously, this laughter thing has had shrinks in stitches for years, and with good reason, considering the sheer number and diversity of reasons for laughing.
posted by kozad at 7:03 AM on December 5, 2003

Acid acts like cartoons.
posted by jon_kill at 7:26 AM on December 5, 2003

well, i guess now it's only a matter of time before cartoon network is Schedule I.
posted by kjh at 1:21 PM on December 5, 2003

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