A Super Tragedy
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Mario Brothers, a tragedy in three parts (1, 2, 3). Potentially more to come, too! Enjoy! (Warning: Flash)
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Wow, just watched the first part before I head out, and.. I gotta say.

[This Is Good]
posted by tittergrrl at 7:45 AM on February 26, 2004

saw it this morning. very well done and surprisingly powerful.
posted by ruddhist at 7:50 AM on February 26, 2004

Hello deviantart?? Phone call for you. It's from.... Oscar!!!

/walter monheit
posted by baltimore at 7:57 AM on February 26, 2004

posted by Prospero at 8:02 AM on February 26, 2004

Ahhh! How's it going to end?!?!
posted by split atom at 8:19 AM on February 26, 2004

wow, that was awesome. Really well done.
posted by xmutex at 8:49 AM on February 26, 2004

The tragic part is the waiting for the rest of it to be released, ahh well, with the lord of the rings over I need something else to be craving..
posted by Pink Fuzzy Bunny at 8:52 AM on February 26, 2004

To be continued?! Argh! If have to know if the princess is dead or simply in another castle!
posted by aaronetc at 8:53 AM on February 26, 2004

Pixels come to life... but I could only 3/4 pay attention to it because I am at work and I have to keep one eye on the lookout.
posted by LoopSouth at 8:59 AM on February 26, 2004

posted by soundofsuburbia at 9:38 AM on February 26, 2004

surprisingly powerful

Yes indeed. Not quite Verdi or Wagner, but (especially for what it has to work with) very nicely done. The music adds a lot of atmosphere.
posted by LeLiLo at 10:03 AM on February 26, 2004

What the shit? Parallaxing backgrounds in the castle? Seems so ... wrong .

posted by Space Coyote at 10:30 AM on February 26, 2004

I gotta say, loved the first two, but the third dragged a bit. Hopefully they'll make more. It's a hilarious take on the way drama is produced by images and symbols. I kept thinking of LoTR and the way it was visually dramatic, but yet enjoyably cheesy.
posted by elwoodwiles at 12:10 PM on February 26, 2004

WALDORF: Oh, that was wonderful, wonderful, wasn't it Statler? (notices Statler is missing) Good grief, did he jump?
posted by roboto at 1:32 PM on February 26, 2004

posted by Latitude11 at 2:13 PM on February 26, 2004

Very good use of flash to tell a dramatic story. The music helps the mood as well...all in all, a pretty good serial.
posted by JaxJaggywires at 2:14 PM on February 26, 2004

wow those were good, I hope someone posts when a new one comes out
posted by BackwardsHatClub at 3:50 PM on February 26, 2004

It's good to know that Mario and Luigi were able to patch over their differences.
posted by blueshammer at 6:56 PM on February 26, 2004

This is the first time I ever thought about the fact that those menacing castles were actually the princesses' and not Bowser's.
posted by drezdn at 11:03 PM on February 26, 2004

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