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Gift hub - Connecting Funders, Active Citizens, and Advisors. Phil Cubeta, who is known to many as the weblog world's Happy Tutor (et al.), wants to stop just talking about philanthropy and actually do something. Now this a Corporate Guy that I actually respect. He's recently decided to 'go from satire to sermon, from noting problems to working for solutions,' and brought together some other smart and influential people to talk about philanthropy, activism, volunteerism, charity, social movements, civil society, and emerging democracy, and is one of the people organizing an Open Space for Giving Conference in Chicago. Can a webby philanthropic bridge be built between the chaotic, emergent ferment in the wired world and the world of corporate wealth? I don't know, but I wish him luck.
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With a tip o' the hat to y2karl, of course.
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I, too, wish him luck.

Please pardon my pessimism but I just don't see Halliburton's former CEO donating the first dime to any good cause.

The same goes for Ken Lay or Bernie Ebbers and the long list of Pioneers and Rangers.

Perhaps Scaife and Abramson consider their causes to be good and worthy but we would disagree.
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