Playing With Time...
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Playing With Time uses time lapse photography and computer animation to show events that normally happen too fast or too slow for humans to perceive. (via Neat Net Tricks newsletter)
posted by Jaybo (9 comments total)
I like this...I'm a sucker for continent/land formation animations.
posted by i_cola at 11:56 AM on May 15, 2004

This is good, etc.
posted by jacquilynne at 12:25 PM on May 15, 2004

The Water Balloon Bounce makes me feel funny inside.
posted by Guy Smiley at 12:27 PM on May 15, 2004

This one was especially cool. You can even see her hair grow.
posted by KevinSkomsvold at 1:14 PM on May 15, 2004

These are great fun to watch... with the sound off. The added sound effects and music are awful.
posted by ulotrichous at 8:06 PM on May 15, 2004

That was excellent.
Some of those weren't true time lapses though. They were just a set of blended images.
I really enjoyed the few that were slowed down. As mentioned, the water balloon bounce is quite a trip.
posted by sinical at 8:33 PM on May 15, 2004

These looked like the best of the bunch to me:
spraycan can
glass Breaking
water balloon bounce
wood Drill

These are direct links to the quicktime files.
posted by nasim at 9:58 PM on May 15, 2004

Most toyetic. Great fun. And some of the sound effects (like the one during the ice sculpture) were rather amusing.
posted by Samizdata at 11:56 PM on May 15, 2004

And if you liked these, you might also enjoy the BBC's London to Brighton in Three-and-a-Half Minutes, from 1983. (Direct link to RealMedia file)

The original London to Brighton in Four Minutes, from 1953, unfortunately doesn't seem to be available anywhere on the Internet. (The link on this page seems to be broken.) But the 1983 version is fun, with delightfully whooshy going-under-a-bridge, going-into-a-tunnel, going-past-another-train sound effects.
posted by verstegan at 6:31 AM on May 16, 2004

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