Information (from 1945) wants to be free
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Pages of the Past The Toronto Star has digitized each of its issues from 1892-2001. And they're searchable. And they're online. Unfortunately, access starts at about a buck an hour—but 1945 is free!
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The first page used to be free...guess they were just getting us hooked.
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I wanted to see if they reported FDR's death on the day that it happened. If they printed a special edition, it's not included with the tease. Anyway, I found this gem in the April 12 edition:

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(I'm kidding. I'm well aware of the noble sacrifices that Canada made. But the main headline is real.)
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And if you're a Canadian, check the local library. They could very well provide free access to anybody with a valid library card. My university has "Pages of the Past", and the local public library has the Globe & Mail's equivalent, "Canada's Heritage from 1844".
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In the corner of the page, there's a link to Paper of Record, which appears to gather a whole bunch of digitized historical newspapers. This could be a great time vacuum, so I'm glad it's not free!
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i thought everything was free up there.
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The Paper of Record site, unfortunately, is a rotten example of a digitized newspaper source. One, they let you search only one newspaper at a time. Two, they let you search only five years at a time. That means a search which on Proquest Historical Newspapers, American Periodical Series, or which would take under 30 seconds can take hours on Paper of Record.
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