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Paper of Record provides a hi-res, searchable(!), archive of historical newspapers, generated from microfilm collections. Looks like one for Cory at Wrote['nother couple of similar links there]. Kind of new and largely Canadian at the moment, but worth watching, and subscriptions are cheap. Remember, those are Canadian dollars.
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Cold North Wind, the company behind this site, has done several other related projects as well. And recently ProQuest, which has provided libraries with electronic databases for years, completed a full digitization of back issues of the New York Times as part of its Historic Newspapers Project.

As someone who is involved in digitization on a much smaller scale as part of my job, I have nothing but awe for the stunning quantity of stuff that's being made available. This is one of the few examples of Internet content I would consider paying for.

What I really want to see is a digitization of the collections of Nicholson Baker's American Newspaper Repository. And a pony.
posted by IshmaelGraves at 9:01 PM on August 30, 2002 [1 favorite] is a similar service. That Proquest Historic Newspapers Project is really terrific; they're also digitizing the Washington Post and a few other papers. We're currently evaluating it for possible purchase at my library, and I'm having a blast with it. They also have the Sanborn insurance maps, which are fabulous for historians, geneaologists, and anybody interested in American history. (Subscription required, I know. Ask your local library if they have it.)
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The University of Utah has digitized "nearly 1,300" Sanborn maps, in full color, which are available to anyone for free (you do have to download a special plugin).
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