Historical Maps
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Online Historical Map Exhibits from the Smith Centre for Cartographic Education. Nice collection - take a look at the Columbus Letter, Portuguese America and the exhibit on diasporas.
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Very nice, plep! I can't believe they haven't included an image of world map shower curtain in their "Puzzles and Wraps and Oddball Maps" section. In fact, I wish that section had a lot more images - I just can't get enough oddball maps. Here's a nice inkwell globe for you, and a tellurium and an astrolabe for all your clockwork universe needs!

Actually, here's a Java Astrolabe that "displays modern versions of four types of medieval astrolabe". Kind of fun, in a mappy sort of way
posted by taz at 7:38 AM on August 12, 2004

cool site. thanks plep! i have some colleagues who are very interested in the development of old maps, reading detail over a concurrent reading of the expansion of the global political economy. mapmaking was/is doubtlessly an extraordiarily important aspect of incorporation.
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"Maps permeate our lives in ways that are often unacknowledged."
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