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The "GRAPHIC AND VIOLENT" pictures on the front page are from the classic useless site Mark Eats AOL.
posted by ALongDecember at 9:54 PM on August 31, 2004

That's loud.
posted by josephtate at 11:47 PM on August 31, 2004

I was genuinely sad when AOL switched from floppies to CDs, and thereby went from the realm of the functional to the non...
posted by kaibutsu at 12:18 AM on September 1, 2004

I actually had a plan, at one time, to make an art project/casemod by gluing bits of shattered AOL CDs to the outside of my computer, forming a mosaic, but like all great plans of mine, it failed to make the perilous transition from thought to deed.

But it would have been shiny, baby, shiny.
posted by arto at 12:46 AM on September 1, 2004

Shouldn't it be "The AOL Ad-Media Guild and Museum"? I have just as many AOL floppies as CDs.... I really wish they used CDRWs or CDRs with the cds left open.

...and you just KNOW AOL DVDs are right around the corner... then AOL solidstate media, then AOL HDDVD, then AOL holigraphic gel, then... um... a guy comes to your door.
posted by tomplus2 at 7:49 PM on September 1, 2004

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