Canada's True Hero.
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Canada's True Hero The author Douglas Coupland has a book coming out in 2005 about fellow Canadian Terry Fox. Until then, read this interesting, but heart-warming article.
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Terry Fox's face should be on the dollar coin. His run was the single most inspirational thing I think I ever bore witness to.
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Everytime they play that Terry Fox moment on TV I'm blown away by his accomplishment. Averaging better than a marathon a day, everyday. With only one leg. I barely do a marathon a week. Unbeliveable.

He should be on money. Probably be a lot less contraversial than anyone else they could put on a coin.
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what is the next bill that they are redesigning up there. could there be a lobby to get him on it? especially with the 25th anniversary coming up. I still remeber it with clarity.
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grefo, thanks for this. I was thinking of making a Terry Fox post today myself. I was 8 years old when he ran and then died - his death was my first experience with grief. Seeing pictures of him today and finding out that he was born in 1958 was a profoundly time-warping moment: he's forever 22, as he lives on in our minds. We owe a debt to him, and to those who have done such a magnificent job of tending to his legacy.
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q: how do you kill a one legged fox?

a: make him run across canada

ahahahahahaha!!!! what? oh.
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Mitheral: He should be on money.

I just wanted to say that this is a very interesting sentiment that struck me quite powerfully thinking about it. He should be on money. He should be money. Terry Fox's face stamped on cash money everywhere. Thinking quite unexpectedly about his struggle as one pays for a pack of smokes. His identity merging over time with the identity of the coin until one might not even think to wonder who he is. Closing the store at 2AM and counting the cash in the register seeing his face over and over as you count it out worried that you're short again. Hearing it called "funny money" across the border knowing they have no idea who Terry Fox is.
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so instead of loonies and twonies, you'd have foxies and deuxies?
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Why the hell not? Voivod's got the gist of exactly why this is a good idea. It's a huge step, but if any "lay" Canadian was ever deserving of being put on the currency, it's Terry Fox.

How do you get a movement like this started?
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Anyone actually in Canada want to spearhead this?
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Oh, for god's sake.

The Canadian Mint.
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