I seen more than one cop like to crap his pants.
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"I do know how to mess it up -- and cops -- well, I have a sweet ride: I have an IROC Camaro which I keep waxed and shined so radar won't pick it up -- like the stealth bomber.... plus, my girl was knob nibbling." {3.5mb mp3}
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Damn, iamck, I thought it was too good to be true. I've never heard of the guy before. Still funny, though.
posted by dobbs at 11:32 PM on October 21, 2004

Yes, I thought so too, that's why I looked into it. ;)
posted by iamck at 11:33 PM on October 21, 2004

I remember this "guest" from a few years back when this show had a guy who advocated sleeping with underaged girls "because they're so hot." Same voice. Must be one of Hendrie's favorite voices. He's got talent, that's for sure. Kind of a one-trick pony, though.
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Hendrie's a genius. I've seen him do a live appearance and it's pretty amazing to watch him slip in and out of character and keep so many threads going in his head at once. It's like demented ventrilliquism without a puppet. He's also very clever at making it sound like he's "talking over" his own voice, further throwing off first time listeners wondering "Is this for real!?!".
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He's incredibly funny. Used to listen to his show when it was free online--helped me de-stress studying one summer for the MCATs. He's turned a little creepy lately with his pro-Iraq war paranoia apparently... haven't listened to him in quite awhile.
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I let my subscription lapse but will probably pick it up again after November. There was a time when some of us at the office caught every show on the internet. The random outburts of laughter in an otherwise quiet setting must have been a little strange to those not in the know.

I recognized his voice in Team America - The Intelligence computer was essentially his Jeff Dowder character voice.
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Only bad thing about Hendrie is that he does those Cortislim commercials.
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Dude, I was like totally flashing back to my auto shop class man. 'cept like everyone knows the IROC is a PoS so it was like a total giveaway there. Anyway, uh, MOPAR, dude. Duh.
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heh. crap-box. (adding to my vocab db)
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very funny, thanks.
the radar thing was a stroke of genius
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