Broken hearts and homes
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Attention NYC mefites and animal lovers. I've supported an animal shelter in Brooklyn that apparently was not legit. There is now a desperate need for foster homes for the animals that were rescued from them - they especially need homes for kittens, but there are dogs involved too. There is contact info on this page, but don't look at the pictures if you don't want your heart broken.
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Damn. I looked at the pictures.

This is incredibly sad, and infuriating.

I don't think we can take a dog, but I'll pass this link along to friends here in NYC. Thanks, tizzie.
posted by papercake at 8:37 AM on December 6, 2004

Those checks are pretty damning in my eyes.
posted by PinkStainlessTail at 8:53 AM on December 6, 2004

tizzie's a really cool animal-person. Thanks for things like this, tiz. If I weren't in OH I'd adopt or foster a cat or dog (although my house is near its limit...)
posted by Shane at 9:14 AM on December 6, 2004

Thanks, Shane.

I originally read about Hearts and Homes at This Modern World. It's a damn shame that they wasted all the good will that Tom Tomorrow and Wil Wheaton and others generated for them.
posted by tizzie at 9:30 AM on December 6, 2004

Even those of you who don't live anywhere near NYC can help adopt dogs and cats without homes. The Yellow Pages will have local animal shelters, and places like Petfinder can help you find specific breeds, if you're picky or have allergies. And American Humane Society has a lot of good animal-adoption advice.

I don't have a pet because my wife and I are out all day long and don't have a very big place. But a couple friends have adopted shelter dogs, and they're both cute, extremely nice, and very well adjusted. (The dogs, not the friends)
posted by Plutor at 9:30 AM on December 6, 2004

That's incredibly sad. I don't even know what else to say except that. The New York ASPCA is a very good one, so I hope they make sure that this matter is straightened out as far as possible.
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I wish those people ill. I really, really do.
posted by jennyb at 9:51 AM on December 6, 2004

Plutor, if you're not able to keep a pet, you might consider fostering or participating in rescue transport. Hubby and I do both, and I can testify that it's really rewarding to know you've made a difference in the life of one of these helpless little ones.

In fact, I got an e-mail this morning from the fellow who adopted a dog we rescued that I tried to foist off on Shane :-) He'd had his face slashed with a razor, so they named him "Punk":

I can never thank you enough for giving me Punky. He has been a life saver for me and my kids. My oldest son moved in next door and we are getting along great finaly after 4 years of not seeing each other. Punky just loves him, and he takes care of Punky when I am gone, too...
I can never thank you enough for Punky - he was well worth a few pair of chewed up shoes, lol. the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.


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Oy. Really really depressing, although I did chuckle at this.
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It's just a shame that it's illegal to treat a person like that, because the people who run that shelter deserve to have a nice taste of it, themselves.
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So. Very. Sad.

It's already been said here, but for those of you who can't have an animal, but have a special place in your hearts for them, please do what you can.

My wife and I can't have a dog, but we do volunteer with an organization works with our city's animal shelter, which is not no-kill. We haul the dogs with the shortest time remaining before being euthanized from the shelter to an adoption center, which is basically a "nicer" place for the public to see the dogs. They get attention, go for walks, play.

We've fostered a cat as well, something we're both pretty proud of. "Jezebel" was at the adoption center in a cage with a sign on it reading, "DON'T TOUCH!" She had been de-clawed, hated other cats, and would bite any hand that came near her. The people at the adoption center didn't like her (don't get me started on that), and when we noticed that she'd been there for six months we decided we'd foster and work with her. We took her home, and after five months of love and attention we were petting and playing with her, just like a regular cat. We took her back to the adoption center and she found a new home within a week.

Yeah, it's just one cat. But it was something, and it made us feel good.

p.s. please spay or neuter your cat or dog!
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Oddly enough, I just rescued three kittens from the cold and rain about 2 weeks ago. It's kinda tough since I already have 2 cats and 2 dogs, but it's totally worth it. So if anyone's in dallas and needs a cat, hit me up.

also, this situation is terrible and sadly, all to common place. *sigh*
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If you're shocked and saddened by that article, please remember it's not just cats and dogs that get abused. Animals in factory farms are treated pretty horribly, and the only rescue they can expect is when they're slaughtered.
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Can't get the page to load...

My girlfriend and I have an absolutely amazing dog that I adopted as an adult from the pound. For those of you who don't have time to deal with a puppy or kitten, there are a large number of wonderful adult animals out there that usually are just put to sleep, since most people look for the young ones.
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Does anyone know of ways to help for those who can't help shelter or transport these animals?
posted by Songdog at 10:47 AM on December 7, 2004

You might want to call Laurie Bleier at 917 754-3537 to see if she knows of any foster homes that need pet food, blankets for bedding, etc.

posted by tizzie at 11:41 AM on December 7, 2004

This is so very sad.

I adopted my dog a couple years ago from a shelter near me. He was six and a half when I got him and he's eight and a half now, but thinks he is still a puppy. : ) He is a purebred Welsh Terrier (yes, there are plenty of purebreds to be found at shelters, you'd be surprised) and he is without question the best dog I've ever had. : )

Another good option is breed rescue, especially if you have your heart set on one particular breed. Like tizzie said, even if you can't adopt, these groups are always looking for people to foster or transport animals, etc.
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