'We are the Gay Men's Radical Singing Caucus!' the lead singer yelled in his exquisite tenor.
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Tis the Season -- a new short story from China Mieville, just in time for the Holidays™ ... Don't get me wrong. I haven't got shares in YuleCo™, and I can't afford a one-day end-user licence, so I couldn't have a legal party. I'd briefly considered buying from one of the budget competitors like XmasTym, or a spinoff from a non-specialist like Coca-Crissmas, but the idea of doing it on the cheap was just depressing...
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and shades of MeTa too: 'Marwan's handfulofflowers, Dad,' she was saying to me. 'Off the internet.' : >
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Someone has a pretty serious persecution complex.
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Agreed, 4easypayments...cute concept, stretched into atrocious propaganda.
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Starts off decent enough but it aint Perdido Street Station by a long chalk now is it. That being said China is still my favourite author.
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I like the ending.
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read this the other day, excellent
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Atrocious propaganda my arse. The political side's so overt as to be self-parody, and it's wrapped up in a genuinely sweet little story. I liked.

And more generalised Miéville-lovin' over here, too.
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Hey, here's a Christmas story by Nalo Hopkinson.

(Also with the Mieville-love.)
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And here's an old one by Martin Millar.

(Urban fantastical holiday cheer all round!)
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Couldn't get the Millar link to work, but the other two (by a couple of my favourite authors) are a wonderful present! Thanks, ffolks , Happy Holidays, Merry Xmas, So Long and Thanks For All the Fish...
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love that Hopkinson!
and the Millar too! thanks! (there was an extra .com in the url above, i think)
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Sorry. I'm still new-ish at this posting thing.
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no prob--it's a good story : >
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For the rest of you fans, there's been an ongoing symposium online at Crooked Timber with China's responses about Iron Council--a wonderful, meaty book.
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