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3 Hive This is a great source for free, legal and cool mp3's. The folks at 3hive have put together a great collection of links to bands and the free mp3's they have available, including a short description/bio of each artist. New posts appear almost every day making this an excellent source for new music. Radio who needs it!
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More here.
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And here and here.
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As we're hyping places to download free, legal and cool mp3's: Hello! Surprise!
a guide to swedish pop music
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Legal is cool now?
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TwelveTwo: Legal is cool now.

Free, Legal and mostly Live Music has been kicking around for quite some time now:

FurthurNet, and the blessed Live Music Archive @

most of this is uncompressed music...huge file sizes result with lots of burning necessary :)
posted by gren at 5:27 AM on January 17, 2005 is also host to quite a few internets-only netlabels, under which I've found some great experimental electronica. My favorite of which is Monotonik.
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Oh, and: [this is good].
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Wow. Rock on, y'all!
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