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Hannah Höch was one of the great queer female artists of the 20th century and one of the brilliant minds behind the Berlin DaDa Movement. One of the pioneers of photomontage, Höch's work is still among the best in the medium even today.
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This is a great post. Hannah Höch is fascinating and these are some good introductions to her work. I am going to go back and spend some more time on the links.
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she rocks --and Cut With the Kitchen Knife is a great intro book to her, and her work. Hoch and Schwitters are my top two artists from that era--any era really.
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Thanks for the post. Here's another link with some of her work: Hannah Höch.
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"The twilight of the bourgeoisie"?
When do we go nighty-night?
(more like Twilight Zone art history)
Still, interesting info and some glorious images.
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I had a class on Weimar art in school and the best book we read regarding Hoch was Cut With The Kitchen Knife of Dada: The Weimar Photomontages of Hanah Hoch. Be sure to check out her photomontage of the same name (actually it goes on some, something like "Cut With The Kitchen Knife, Dada, Through the Great Weimar Beer Belly). It is a kind of dissertation on Dada and its political beliefs. This book has a great discussion of that work.
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