Scare Factor: High
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Scare Factor: High Few children emerged from the 70's or 80's without having been jarred at least once by the abrupt transition from a television show's credits to the interstitial animations of the broadcaster or production company. While today closing logos can often be funny, in the late 60's and 70's, the choppy animation and atonal music often made them slightly (or very) unsettling. Thankfully, a group of netizens are preserving the legacy of the closing logo.
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Great post. Two thumbs way up.
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I always wondered about those Dharma and Greg title cards, and after every episode, I turned to my brother and yelled, "We forgot to tape it and freeze-frame again!"

I particularly like the Hurwitz Co. title card for Arrested Development. It includes a little ukelele riff, which is available on the First Season DVD.
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The "HBO In Space" bumper was the source of many nightmares in my early childhood in the 1980s mainly because of that horrid synth music. And the early network IDs on Nickelodeon weren't that soothing either.

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Awesome. Thanks.
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Great remembrance. How about the NBC peacock's feathers popping into place with that three-tone sequence that still cues the "NBC" synapse in my brain?
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I hate video links so I couldn't see exactly what you are talking about, but is it the annoying practice of squeezing the closing credits to one side while the promo crap jumps at you from the other side?
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I can't find a screen cap of it, but the little animated logo that Mark Frost and David Lynch had, which appeared after every episode of Twin Peaks, was the very definition of jarring. I loved it. It looked like a stop-motion thing, with moving concentric rings and a loud electric arc noise.
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Great site, but WHERE ARE THE VIDEOS?

Great, GREAT post!
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This is one of those curious topics that I have never once consciously considered in 30+ years of living, even though I've seen these things many thousands of times. Fascinating.
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Very cool stuff; it's amazing how quickly a culture forgets previous technology. My fave is this insanely catchy RCA commercial for color TV. I agree with PP, though, video clips would have been better than text descriptions at the FortuneCity site.

Hey, eschatfiche, it's nice to mention that a link is a quicktime or realmedia file, with a "[qt]" or "[rm]," just after the link.
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Whoops. That RCA commercial is a [qt] link.
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The Desi-Lu thingy at the end of Star Trek (at least when it was in early syndication....The Zsa-Zsa Filmways Presentation....and the single clapper at the end of Laugh-In.

Anyone recall? Anyone born before 1980? Hello? Hello?
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"Sit, Ubu, sit! Good dog! [ruff!]"

My all-time favorite.
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F.H.E. Family Home Entertainment. It was classic.
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My favorite one is WGBH Boston. Still using the same close for how many decades now?
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Oh why, oh why do they use RealPlayer--such crap.
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mumble mumble mumble self-link...
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Was the Screen Gems logo really that bad?
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Anyone recall? Anyone born before 1980?

Screw those.

The best one was the spinning ITC logo. It told you some good shit was about to happen. Maybe it was gonna be the Muppets. Maybe it was gonna be a Space:1999 (ideally one with Maya, phworr). But it was gonna be good.
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The 1974 redo of the CBC logo was nice, but the recent update is kind of dull. Tried my best, but I couldn't find the animated with music version of the 1974 logo, which most of us would remember.
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Whenever I hear the WGBH one I immediately expect to hear the ZOOM intro, and am always kind of surprised that I don't.
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Wonderful post! Thank ye thank ye thank ye!
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At the other end of the program, I remember very vividly (as I imagine some others of us do) the "CBS Special Presentation" logo that always preceded the seasonal primetime Charlie Brown cartoons of my youth. I was very conditioned to expect a cartoon after hearing the distinctive percussion music and was extremely disappointed when they had some other special on (like some boring awards show or something).

The RM file is from this page, which has all kinds of other CBS promo spots on it, none of which are as evocative for me as the above.
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As soon as I read the page about the WGBH logo, I got the music stuck in my head.

I love "Sit Ubu Sit" too. Wasn't Family Ties one of the shows that had that ending?
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the cbs/fox logo used to freak me out. but i loved "sit ubu sit" and the mary tyler moore logo.
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I wish there were pics. Or did I miss them somehow?
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During the 70's, St. Louis affiliate KETC somehow was able to top the creepiness factor of the national PBS logo tenfold by preceding it with a dead-silent screen displaying a soul-crushing, distorted "9" logo with a haunting blank face inside the "9" - late-night episodes of Night Gallery were comparatively comforting. Sadly, an image search online turns up nothing.
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...oh, where is the opening theme from the NBC sunday night mystery? Remember that one, with the silhouette walking with a flashlight and the vaguely western theme music that was led by a person whistling or a synth of some kind? Ach, I'd so love to hear that one again.
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I didn't search hard it is [wm]. Definitely not a whistle but a synth. Who remembers?
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gohlkus, that is so true. I remember running into the living room when I heard that CBS Special music, expecting Charlie Brown or something, but it was some grown-up program. So disappointing!
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No need for pictures when Wendell's writing was so descriptive. Bravo!
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