Daisy Duke Needs A Blogger!
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Daisy Duke Needs A Blogger! Yeeee-Hah. Put your pedal to the metal to see how fast you can apply for the ultimate dream job: getting paid $100,000 to watch the high-flying, stump-yanking muscle of the #1 rated car in TV and film history - The General Lee '69 Dodge Charger on THE DUKES OF HAZZARD! Watch the Dukes of Hazzard every night and blog about it, and you could be a 6 figure blogger!
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I was on the Universal Studio Tour during the original run of the show. I got briefly separated (long story), rounded a corner and saw: an entire parking lot of identical "General Lee" cars. Evidently they went through lots of cars on that show (these were just shells in the parking lot, I assume). Was a rather surreal sight.
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an entire parking lot of identical "General Lee" cars.

They have been replaying TDoH on CMT for a week or so now, with interviews of cast and crew between episodes. In one clip, the stunt coordinater for the show said they went through at least one Dodge Charger a show.
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Daisy or the General, though? Decisions decisions.
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Clearly, mathowie is just the guy for the job.
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They did indeed go through a lot of cars in the course of the show. I was told that they'd "paint em in the morning," and "crash em in the afternoon."

My sister was briefly married to an obsessed Dukes fan. He'd contacted John Schneider, who was selling General Lees. (Yes, plural). It wasn't clear whether all of the cars he was selling had actually been customized during the run of the show or whether Schneider's people had since produced more of them. I rather think the latter was the case. But Schneider insisted that the cars were exactly like the ones used on the set of the show.

So anyway, my sister's SO bought one of these rolling death traps. It had no air conditioning, no seat belts, and the speedometer didn't work. But the horn did play "Dixie." (I drove it once, briefly). She and he took it cross country. To California, I think. That's when he proposed to her.

Three months after the ceremony, they were divorced, and the General Lee became a bone of contention in the divorce proceedings... But that's another story.
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You can't leave us hanging like that.
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Thanks to everyone for pointing out that there were dozens and dozens of cars. I saw Kid Rock on some TV show saying "I have the original General Lee" which just can't be true.
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nthdegx: If I must, I must.

The boyfriend (I refuse to call him a husband) was a the kind of guy who ran up huge debts and then came up with all sorts of non-legal methods for covering his tracks. In this case, in order to avoid paying significant taxes on the General Lee, he filed paperwork claiming that he'd only paid a couple hundred dollars for it. He was trying to make like it was just an old, crappy Charger.

In addition, he put the car in my sister's name. So when the divorce came down, here she was the "owner" of a car, the taxes on which had never been paid.

Long story short: she hired a lawyer and wiggled her way out of it.
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Closure. Phew! Ta...
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This blog is a prize? It sounds like a punishment.

He'd contacted John Schneider, who was selling General Lees. (Yes, plural).

That explains. When I was living in Phialdelphia, we'd occasionally run across a General Lee parked in the Manayunk neighborhood. Full on, and we always had to stop and look at for a while, since invariably there'd be someone in the group who hadn't seen it yet. I always thought it was a painstaking reproduction by an individual obsessive fan; somehow it's more comforting to think the person just bought it.

The only part of the show I liked was the theme song. Very occasionally I'll bust it out in a jam session - it always gets a crowd to join in.
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There's no feeling quite as strange as driving down a rather empty road in southern Rhode Island and having the General Lee pull up next to you at a stop light, especially when you were such a fan of the show your family still harasses you about that time when you were little that you once demanded that Daisy Duke replace your mother.
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We all realise this is just a cheap way for the show to advertise, yes?

/Just sayin'
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We all realise this is just a cheap way for the show to advertise, yes?
Well, yeah, obviously, but if you're a fan of the show, why not get paid to watch it? Not a bad deal, even if it is just a stunt.
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