Most of the world rejects
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Most of the world rejects the USAmerican attempt to end-around-run the Kyoto protocols. Surely we'll get our way (I use the pronouns reluctantly in this case). Who can stop us? Besides, who cares? Not President-elect (de facto) Bush. Add the guiltless bloodshed in Israel/Palestine to this and my last post and it's hard to be thankful at the global level.
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Scientists say gases like carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels such as oil are warming the planet, disrupting the climate and damaging the environment.

However, many business leaders and U.S. oil companies fear the costs of stopping the earth from heating up could have equally damaging effects on economic growth and jobs.


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The US never legally agreed to the treaty. Algore had no power to sign a treaty. He's lucky he didn't get brought up on charges of treason.

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The U.S. Sierra Club environmental group attacked Washington's position at the talks, saying it was clearly trying to water down the Kyoto accord. ``America is shirking its responsibilities.''

This from the same group that endorsed Al Gore for President?
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