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Everything you want to know about snowflakes from the unusual to the artificial to the ones that are just really pretty.
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It's Friday, so have fun cutting your own at Make-a-Flake.
posted by cenoxo at 11:51 PM on August 11, 2005

today i found out via this wikipedia entry on hapax legomena that,

"Flother, a synonym for "snowflake", is a hapax legomenon of written English pre-1900 found in a manuscript from around 1275."

pretty word, methinks.
posted by ori at 12:19 AM on August 12, 2005

They look smaller in person.
posted by TwelveTwo at 1:42 AM on August 12, 2005

More snowflakes.
posted by languagehat at 6:04 AM on August 12, 2005

Very pretty DeepFriedTwinkies and definitely a big thing here as yesterday snow fell in our area for the first time in twenty years. We woke up and found Narnia. It only lasted for a couple of hours but at least the local children got a chance to throw a few snowballs before it melted.
posted by Tarrama at 6:12 AM on August 12, 2005

Very relaxing to look at, nice find :D
posted by cleverusername at 7:55 AM on August 12, 2005

Very cool Tarrama. I live in Minnesota, (North Central) US, so it snows every winter here, which I love. However, it gets really cold too! Once in a while close to -40 degrees in the north of my state.

Deepfriedtwinkies, awesome find. Those snowflakes are incredible.
posted by gauchodaspampas at 8:12 AM on August 12, 2005

Yeah, thanks for a nice, pretty post.
posted by BlackLeotardFront at 8:48 AM on August 12, 2005

I'm saving this one for winter. They're all beautiful, though.
posted by MikeP at 10:56 PM on August 14, 2005

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