World Toy Camera Day Oct. 22, 2005
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World Toy Camera Day October 22, 2005 (via
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Nice toy camera images here and here and here

Here, too
posted by PenguinBukkake at 9:20 PM on October 6, 2005

neet. with luck, my CMEHA will be out of storage and back in service by then.
posted by dorian at 9:23 PM on October 6, 2005

About 20 years or so ago, Fisher Price put out a video camera that recorded on audo cassette tapes. Got something like 5 mintues of video on a C-90. Never saw one, but always thought it sounded cool. There's one for sale on ebay right now, at $51 with 4 days left.
posted by neuron at 12:34 AM on October 7, 2005

I love my Holga, but don't you think you're posting this a bit early?

Some examples of toy camera photos:

Flickr Toy Camera Group

Also, if you're going to buy a Holga for world camera day, don't buy it from the lomography marketeers, get it from holgamods, that guy is the best. (lomography is trying to charge $70 for a $14 camera).
posted by splatta at 5:20 AM on October 7, 2005

that is world toy camera day
posted by splatta at 5:20 AM on October 7, 2005

Thanks for the reminder!
posted by shoepal at 6:26 AM on October 7, 2005

We have . . . .
posted by caddis at 3:09 PM on October 7, 2005

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