Gaming in Brazil
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Gamer Br is a documentary of the gaming scene in Brazil (has English subtitles). A seemingly odd place for video gaming, it's garnered a conference, national tournament to make it to the world tournament, and actual worldwide champions. They also have an interesting console economy from which Sega still rules. Of course, banning video games doesn't help much.
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Inspired by the Brazilian player who just whipped the crap outta me in Warcraft3.
posted by cleverusername at 12:35 PM on October 25, 2005

I love the mural of Mileena and Baraka on the "odd place" link.
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why is it an odd place?
posted by delmoi at 1:20 PM on October 25, 2005

They had the best arcardes when I was a kid. Cheap, too!
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Observe the "banning video games" is about something that happened in 1999. It was a reaction to a shooting - a young man entered a movie theater and unloaded his weapons at the audience for no apparent reason, killing a bunch of innocent moviegoers. The movie was "Fight Club". Duke Nuken3D was found in his computer, the usual suspects in the press went berserk over "violent videogames) and the (previous) government, using a import/export law loophole, managed to ban this and five other games. "Fight Club" somehow escaped the ire of righteous. It hasn't ever happened again. The Ministry of Justice does perform and indicative (not mandatory) classification for computer games (as it does for movies, plays etc).

As it is, Brazil is also a software pirates paradise, so the banning was also completely innocuous from a practical point of view.
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why is it an odd place?"

Yeah, don't really follow that one, cleverusername!
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It is only an 'odd place' if you know not very much about Brazil beyond the cliches that are served up to the middle classes by an uninquisitive media.
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