Another Synth Guru Has Left Our Presence
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John "Paia" Simonton died late last week. His company, PAiA is one of the grandfathers of the DIY synth scene. I have one of his modular synths half-constructed in my garage. He helped create an American buzz for electronic music and DIY music gear in the 70s, and was highly influential till his passing away.
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blackvectrex is a fucking awesome account name and I wish I had thought of it myself.
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I've been tempted by several of their kits. I built the PAiA theremax kit, and it works pretty well (much better than the other N theremins I've built over my lifetime). I still can't play it that well tho, but that's user error.

(the skull one second from the bottom--march 2003)
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that's too bad. i've built a few paia things, they're a great company.
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Here is an update of posts on Analog Heaven.

Also, a blog where people are posting memories.

ps... thanks, jonson!
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will the company go on? i've spent hours peering at the badly photocopied product sheet, but never bought anything. always thought i might one day...
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My home studio contains a number of PAiA kits and I plan to build more over time. I hope they continue John's work.
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I built one of their Gnomes ages ago.
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gads, how i used to drool over the paia catalog.
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