'Study, study, and study, to overtake and surpass the capitalist world!' - K.Radek
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A previous MeFi Post with different books from a different source, but some great links and discussion. (April 9, 1993)
posted by anastasiav at 5:18 AM on March 27, 2006

Very nice! Page 2 of The Parade of the Red Army is breathtaking, I think. The whole book is pretty outstanding, I especially like the gas-masked women marching with Purpose. "Gas doesn't bother us!" Thanks for the post.
posted by OmieWise at 5:32 AM on March 27, 2006

In Soviet Russia book reads you.
posted by fire&wings at 5:38 AM on March 27, 2006

sorry for the shameless bit of self-promo here but my dad visited the USSR in 1979 and he brought back some posters commemorating the end of WW2. they're quite graphic but great examples of the propaganda at the time.

photo 1

photo 2 - the writing reads 'stalingrad'

there are several more but those are the two best.
posted by muthecow at 5:58 AM on March 27, 2006

Fantastic stuff, thanks anastasiav.
posted by jack_mo at 6:13 AM on March 27, 2006

My vocabulary lunges, stumbles, but then finally collapses in an attempt to describe how cool this picture is.
posted by CRM114 at 6:16 AM on March 27, 2006

Very cool images, thanks for the post.
posted by soiled cowboy at 7:21 AM on March 27, 2006

They are fantastic - shame they aren't in a higher res / bigger - they'd make fantastic prints or t-shirts.
posted by prentiz at 7:26 AM on March 27, 2006

I agree prentiz. I was hoping for higher res or larger photos but the link is still pretty cool. Nice!
posted by gummi at 7:56 AM on March 27, 2006

posted by Drexen at 8:35 AM on March 27, 2006

This is so very very excellent...nice find!
posted by tpl1212 at 10:13 AM on March 27, 2006

Any idea of whether there are higher-resolution scans of these books? What beautiful art.
posted by GuyZero at 10:22 AM on March 27, 2006

Nice post.
posted by bardic at 10:57 AM on March 27, 2006

good post but What Crappy Childrens Books!!!!!!!!

Vive Capitalism!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by tranceformer at 7:35 AM on March 28, 2006

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