The Most Bad-Ass President EVER!!!
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George Washington once threw a knife into heaven, and other little-known facts about our first (and pimpest) President. (Link goes to an NSFW YouTube video, because George Washington doesn't care about your petty little workplace rules.) This important fact-filled documentary was created by comic book artist Brad Neely, also known for Wizard People, Dear Readers, his unauthorized soundtrack to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
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Oops--I meant to include a link to Wizard People, Dear Readers.
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George Washington is no Bill Brasky.

That being said, the video...

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Reminds me of that stupid Chuck Norris thing. Funny, though. Thanks. :)
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...'other little-known facts about the US' first (and pimpest) President'...

He wasn't my president!
posted by metaxa at 2:19 AM on June 6, 2006

George Washington, killa pimp.
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Metaxa, shh! Don't you want George Washington to rescue your children?
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OK, I cracked a smile when the guy beatboxed the tom fill.
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See this is funny because we have a history of making our early founding fathers as larger than life. Chuck Norris relied more on people's nostalgia and "oh my god u remember that?1'
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My high school US History teacher used to talk about how George Washington had hands as big as toilet seats. : )
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Liked it, thanks. If Beck gave history lessons...
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Funny stuff.

'Course, Aaron Burr could've taken him, no problem.
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It's funny 'cause it's true....
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You know, pimps brutalize women who have been forced into a life of drug addiction and tragic sex.

George Washington, not so pimp really.
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This looked more like a storyboard animatic than a finished product. Of course, I wonder how "30 dicks" would look in the final edit.
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my link ate a peter.

it's this page, click on george washington, killa pimp.
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I thought it was Pimp-i-est, for some reason. But maybe pimpest is UK usage (shit, shitty, shittiest, etc).

In any case Andrew Jackson was the pimp(i)est.

Same killer hair! (graffitti I saw on this poster on BART one day)
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Have to agree on the Andrew Jackson pimp thing. With Theodore Roosevelt a close second.
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This was funny until it degenerated into a video about how many penises he had. Then it looked like any other lame-ass video made by a high school freshman.
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They had me up to the last verse.

Funny before that though.
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I think that's the point of the last verse.
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Oh man. "Wizard People, Dear Readers" is a work of genius! I just about pee'd. Several times. Watch out for the dracula, Harry!
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but how would he have done with broadswords in a pit?
posted by furiousthought at 12:22 AM on June 7, 2006

If you ever get the chance you MUST listen to wizard people dear reader, it is by far the funniest shit EVER.

"I am harry fucking potter!!!"
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