Fold carefully, grasshopper.
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Kokigami: origami for Mr. Happy. (Not, not this. And not ninjas, either.) The sensuous practise of Kokigami originated from the ancient Japanese art form of giving beautifully wrapped gifts.
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And when you finished that, why not have a relaxing game of golf-cross while your cat paints?

Burton makes me far prouder to be a New Zealander than any football player ever will.
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And while I'm at it.

Burton Silver also did a fantastic comic strip, Bogor, which ran throughout my childhood. The eponymous hero was a lone woodsman who was stationed in a pine plantation with only dope-smoking hedgehogs for company. Amazingly this ran in a national family magazine (the New Zealand Listener) for years, even while stoned hedgehogs or Bogor's sexual fantasies with trees featured in most episodes.
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When I own my own bookstore, Kokigami: Performance Enhancing Adornments for the Adventurous Man is SO going to be on the shelf right next to the latest Martha Stewart tome.
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From the Playing page (the Pig section):

The Call: "Oink! Oink! How about a bit of juicy swill"
The Reply: "Here Piggy Wiggy! Lots of lovely warm slops just for you!"

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This is a truly eerie coincidence. While entering volumes into LibraryThing yesterday, I came across a copy of this book a friend had given me years ago. Looking through it I wondered if it might be available on-line.

For the record, none of the wrappings in my copy have been cut out. Although now that I think of it, I do have a color copier at work...
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I got nothin.

With a quote like that, you don't need nothing.
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Do Not Staple, Fold Or Mutilate.
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"For accurate sizing the organ should be firmly pressed against the screen image."

I'm frightened by the possibility that someone would actually do that.
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I'm frightened by the possibility that someone would actually do that.

I'm getting a vision of an Internet cafe right now...
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