Was Tigermilk worth it?
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What is the value of your vinyl record? An archive of the marketplace of wax.
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Who knew the Monkees LP my creepy neighbor gave me back in the 70s was worth 450 clams.
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It says my copy of Prince's "Black Album" is worth somewhere between 50 euros and 670 USD. My Kraftwerk vinyl collection is apparently worthless. They didn't have my Devo "Q: Are we not men" picture disc. Slick presentation, but not sure how it's better than eBay's "search completed items". Oh, maybe because it's got that Web 2.0 look. It looks like a lot of the results are polluted by a large number of test pressings and odd-colored vinyl apparently. Nice idea, but I don't think I'll bookmark it.
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It is an nice idea if it gets sufficiently well populated.

I have to admit to being distracted by the header graphic called 'top1.gif'. You see this stuff here and there, what's the word for it? Smushy distorted abstract geometric line's 'n bars 'n grids generic pattern thingy? Does anyone like this kind 'o thing? It seems like a way to avoid making an actual design decision that says anything.
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Wow, my Gescom records are all worth a fair amount. I had no idea. I would have thought Bleep's mp3s would have decimated any worth Skam vinyl would have.
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That John English III generated 21 pages on this GaragePunk forum. Has anyone here heard that track?
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their prices on lots of hardcore records are insanly over inflated.

either that or in the last few months since i've been paying less attention, my collection has quadrupled in value.
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Why the heck can I not get any search results to work on this site? Even if I click on one of the "Most popular searches", I get stuck in an "opening page..." thingie.

Dammit, maybe now I will never know if my "George Burns sings the music of The Wiz" album is worth anything.
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No price for Frank Wilson, Do I Love You then.
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I just sold a rare psych record for $170 this week. Nice find!
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By coincidence, I just spent the evening sorting through my old vinyl. I'm getting rid of nearly everything except for five or six items. As I got rid of most of the junk many years ago, most of what I have is 'collectable', including a few very rare items.

Too bad I don't have time to eBay items myself. Spot checks on this site show items I have fetching much higher prices than I expected. Instead, I'm selling to a dealer who sells on eBay as part of his business.
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My Big Star worth only 76????

My Aphrodite's Child only 33???

How will I ever retire?
posted by sourwookie at 12:06 AM on July 27, 2006

A great film about record collecting.
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Wow. Eight thousand dollars for a Misfits 7". For that price, I'm pretty sure you could actually just buy The Misfits.

(Some restrictions may apply. Danzig not included.)
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If those prices are in any way accurate, I really need to get some insurance. But I just searched for the last batch of vinyl I bought, and from the two or three that returned results, I'm either the king of the bargain hunters, or the prices are hugely inflated for some reason.

And to answer the question in the titlebar: Seeing as the two original pressings on Electric Honey I have cost less than a tenner in the shops, it seems it was. (Especially if I get them signed - £700 for a signed copy?! Bonkers.) Seeing as the only song on it I like is that synthy one with the 'you go disco and I'll go my way' chorus, it might be time to hit eBay...
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Okay, after searching a bit more, I think this site is more a public service warning about the stupidity of buying records on eBay than anything else. There's stuff I have on there that went for more than 10 times what I paid buying from dealers, record fairs, etc.

I have to admit to being distracted by the header graphic called 'top1.gif'. You see this stuff here and there, what's the word for it?

I believe it's known in design circles as 'the shit mid-1990s drum & bass sleeve design aesthetic'.
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Worth to whom?
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Looks like my vast record collection is worth about 80 quid per 100.

I guess I'll have to wait for trance to become popular again.
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Apparently, my Jefferson Airplane may be worth a tidy sum. I knew there was a reason for lugging that box across 3 continents!
posted by Goofyy at 5:46 AM on July 27, 2006

Sweet. My Bag LP is going for 150 these days.
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The last thing I said to her was: "Sure, you can keep the record collection if I can keep the cat."
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That Manson album has really gone up in value, guess I'll have to dig it up out of the attic.
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I, apparently, never bought anything rare in the 80s. My Yaz, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Howard Jones vinyl is all just mass-market stuff (apparently, I was super-mega-gay in the 80s).
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Darn my 78 of School Days by Chuck Berry isn't in here. Yes, the original Chess label and everything. I also have it on 45 but the 78 is quite a find. You can strop drooling now!!!!
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Here is my business plan, please take a look and see if you can find a hole in it:

The way the world is going, brain fevers, tulip manias and spontanious outbreaks of aesthetic insanity seem to be at the peak of the bell curve. Therefore I think with careful monitoring of several proprietary news sources and a strictly scientific daily cast of the I-Ching I can time the moment where Herb Alpert and the Tijuana brass albums will be poised to be worth an average of $400 each, with three weeks of lead time and an ample supply of Ritalin, Kool Milds and an extra-large capacity "Trucker's Friend" I can hop in my trusty bio-diesel conversion AMC Pacer and drive across the country snapping up pristine copies of Tijauna Brass albums for no more than fifty cents each from the dusty bins and back shelves of Salvation Army stores, where they've been securely nesting for the last 30 to 40 years, guarded by tea swilling, talcum powdered old ladies and yellow-eyed AA lifers in dirty white t-shirts. I don't think it can fail, as I've never ever been to a Sallie anywhere that didn't have at least four copies of Whipped Cream & Other Delights in mint condition, never ever played not even once. I doubt you can open a thrift store without showing the municipal paperpushers at least one copy. NOBODY STEAL THIS IDEA.
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Thanks for the link. I'm sending it to the person who actually owns the (vetted: not counterfeit) introducing... THE BEATLES VeeJay album I have.
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Also, does anyone see how they grade them for condition?
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johny novak, that film is indeed great. And sobering. Why do I have more records than I could possibly ever need?

toasbat, grading standards are listed in the 'info' link.

How does popsike come up with their data? Is it culled from complete auctions or reported by members?
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didn't have the majority of "rare" records that i've got. test pressings for fugazi lp's but they don't have the sub pop single's 7 inch? pretty useless to list rare records that only 2 or 3 people have, but not the rare records that have at least a couple hundred or a thousand copies circulating.
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I've run into Alan Zweig while scouring record stores myself, and he was very nice. That film of his really bummed me out though (whereas High Fidelity just made me really mad). It's weird, whenever I'm flipping through sleeves at the Goodwill or whatever, and I spot someone else doing the same, I always think to myself, what a scumbag...
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Huh. I once sent a list of my punk and post-punkish 45s to a fella who reportedly knew his stuff, and he didn't think my collection was worth much (and he didn't offer to buy it).

But here I find that I can pay my rent with the combined proceeds of my Germs and Dead Kennedys singles and Bauhaus EPs. Unfortunately, eBay makes me tired.

It was fun fantasizing about the money though.
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I've never ever been to a Sallie anywhere that didn't have at least four copies of Whipped Cream & Other Delights in mint condition, never ever played not even once. I doubt you can open a thrift store without showing the municipal paperpushers at least one copy.

This is very true. Maybe you could get a spread in NEST magazine or similar if you papered your house entirely with authentic Whipped Cream and Other Delights sleeves? Maybe if you shot someone famous a few weeks after placing the last copy?
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Thanks, hydrophonic.
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The Jesse Helms, Thanks. Useful site.

I have an original Introducing the Beatles VJLP 1062, back 2 column, stereo, oval logo, SR1062 on front, Please Please Me version...worth somewhere between 60 and 355 bucks it seems. Fun looking it up.
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